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Download (102 downloads) is a Net-SNMP sub-agent that parses /proc/net/rpc/nfs and /proc/net/rpc/nfsd to obtain NFS statistics (just like nfsstat), and reports these as SNMP values. is useful for remotely monitoring NFS client or server usage via SNMP to utilities like MRTG, Cacti, or Ganglia. Installation: Installation instructsion are contained in the form of comments at the top of script. is only suitable for Linux. NFS version 3 statistics are made available. Firstly, ensure you have a working Net-SNMP install. Secondly, ensure you have the Perl sub-components of Net-SNMP installed (in Fedora Core, do yum install net-snmp-perl). Thirdly, save to /var/net-snmp/. Add the following line to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf: master agentx. Start in the way of your choice, logged to file of your choice (eg 2>/dev/null). Note that must be started as root. If your snmpd is built with embedded Perl support (Fedora Core doesnt), then you can import the sub agent directly into the snmpd. See the script for more details. Usage: After you have successfully installed, you should be able to walk the provided OIDs: snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost enterprises.6789.6789 or snmpwalk -v 2c -c public localhost . As we have no MIB for yet, the numbers coming back wont make much sense. However, they should bear a striking resemblance to the output of /usr/sbin/nfsstat! The list below is all the 114 statistics that can provide for SNMP values. The ones you should monitor (eg using MRTG) are entirely up to you. enterprises.6789.6789.0.0.1 -> client.rpc.count.calls enterprises.6789.6789.0.0.2 -> client.rpc.count.retrans enterprises.6789.6789.0.0.3 -> client.rpc.count.authrefrsh enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.null enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.null enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.getattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.getattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.setattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.setattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.lookup enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.lookup enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.access enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.access enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.readlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.readlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.write enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.write enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.create enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.create enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.mkdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.mkdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.symlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.symlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.mknod enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.mknod enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.remove enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.remove enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.rmdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.rmdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.rename enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.readdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.readdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.readdirplus enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.readdirplus enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.fsstat enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.fsstat enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.fsinfo enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.fsinfo enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.pathconf enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.pathconf enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.count.commit enterprises.6789.6789. -> client3.percent.commit enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.0 -> server.rpc.count.calls enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.1 -> server.rpc.count.retrans enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.2 -> server.rpc.count.badcalls enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.3 -> server.rpc.count.badauth enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.4 -> server.rpc.count.badclnt enterprises.6789.6789.1.0.5 -> server.rpc.count.xdrcall enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.null enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.null enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.getattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.getattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.setattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.setattr enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.lookup enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.lookup enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.access enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.access enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.readlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.readlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.write enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.write enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.create enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.create enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.mkdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.mkdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.symlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.symlink enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.mknod enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.mknod enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.remove enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.remove enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.rmdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.rmdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.rename enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.rename enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.readdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.readdir enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.readdirplus enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.readdirplus enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.fsstat enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.fsstat enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.fsinfo enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.fsinfo enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.pathconf enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.pathconf enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.count.commit enterprises.6789.6789. -> server3.percent.commit enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789. -> enterprises.6789.6789.1.6.0 -> server.replycache.count.hits enterprises.6789.6789.1.6.1 -> server.replycache.count.misses enterprises.6789.6789.1.6.2 -> server.replycache.count.nocache enterprises.6789.6789.1.7.0 -> server.fhcache.count.lookups enterprises.6789.6789.1.7.1 -> server.fhcache.count.anon enterprises.6789.6789.1.7.2 -> server.fhcache.count.nocache_dir enterprises.6789.6789.1.7.3 -> server.fhcache.count.nocache_nondir enterprises.6789.6789.1.7.4 -> server.fhcache.count.stale enterprises.6789.6789.1.8.0 -> server.threads.count enterprises.6789.6789.1.8.1 -> server.threads.fullcount enterprises.6789.6789.1.50 -> enterprises.6789.6789.1.51 -> enterprises.6789.6789.1.52 -> enterprises.6789.6789.1.53 ->

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Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Monitoring Net-snmp Nfs Nfsstats Pl Sub-agent System
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