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OpenInteract::Template::Plugin 1.62

  Date Added: March 17, 2010  |  Visits: 593


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OpenInteract::Template::Plugin is a Perl module with custom OpenInteract functionality in templates. SYNOPSIS # Create the TT object with the OI plugin my $template = Template->new( PLUGINS => { OI => OpenInteract::Template::Plugin }, ... ); my ( $output ); $template->process( package::template, %params, $output ); # In the template (brief examples, see below for more) [% OI.show_all_actions.join( "n" ) -%] [% OI.comp( error_display, error_msg = error_msg ) -%] [% OI.box_add( contact_tools_box, title = Contact Tools, weight = 2 ) -%] [% object_info = OI.object_description( object ) %] This is a [% %] object. Is the object in the class? [% OI.class_isa( object, SPOPS::DBI ) ? yes : no %] Today is [% OI.date_format( now, %Y-%m-%e %l:%M %p ) %] the [% OI.date_format( now, %j ) %] day of the year [% d = OI.date_into_object( object.updated_on ) -%] [% OI.comp( date_select, month_value = d.month, day_value =, year_value = d.year, blank = 1, field_prefix = updated_on ) -%] [% OI.limit_string( object.description, 30 ) %] var person_last_name = [% OI.javascript_quote( person.last_name ) %]; [% matched = OI.regex_chunk( It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times., (blurst.*) ) %] [% OI.limit_sentences( news.news_item, 3 ) %] [% score = grade.score / %] Your grade is: [% OI.percent_format( score ) %] You have [% OI.money_format( account.balance ) %] left to spend. Hello [% OI.uc_first( person.first_name ) %] [% OI.html_encode( news.news_item ) %] Item: [% OI.html_decode( news.news_item ) %] [% edit_url = OI.make_url( base = /User/show/, user_id = OI.login.user_id, edit = 1, show_all = yes ) %] [% theme = OI.theme_properties %] Background color of page: [% theme.bgcolor %] [% new_theme = OI.theme_fetch( 5 ) %] Background color of page from other theme: [% new_theme.bgcolor %] [% IF OI.logged_in -%] Hello [% OI.login.full_name %]. Your groups are: [% OI.login_group.join( , ) -%] [% ELSE -%] You are not logged in. [% END -%] Your last search: [% OI.session.latest_search %] [% IF OI.error_hold.myapp.field_out_of_bounds %] The entry you made is out of bounds: [% OI.error_hold.myapp.field_out_of_bounds %] [% END %] [% IF object.tmp_security_level >= OI.security_level.write -%] you can edit this object! [% END %].

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Custom End Functionality If Libraries Name Object Oi Date Openinteract Openinteracttemplateplugin Perl Perl Module Programming
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License: Freeware Size: 655.36 KB
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