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BZByte EZ Ajax 1.4.523

  Date Added: August 19, 2010  |  Visits: 832

BZByte EZ Ajax

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BZByte EZ Ajax is a Java-based interactive Web toolkit to make writting professional interactive Web applications easy. BZByte EZ Ajax is much easier/quicker to use than other frameworks, and all development is done in Java. We have been developing interactive web applications for several years now. During this time weve learned the best, quickest, and easiest approach. Weve developed a very simple framework which makes it extremely easy and quick to develop small or large robust interactive web applications. This framework has already been used to develop several commercial web applications. We are releasing BZbyte EZ Ajax under the GPL and also providing FREE (as in beer) Commercial Licenses. We hope developers will take advantage of this software and approach to create great interactive web based applications, easily, quickly, and sanely. Whats New in This Release: - Simplified the Virtual Image control. Now you just need to pass in a Virtual Image Provider instead of making a .jsp file and all the other nonsense. The WJPageContext needs to be passed in to the new version. Eliminated the VirtualImageUtil class. Deleted the GetImage.jsp page as it is not needed. Note that each tile may not be the same size. The size passed into the control is a "preferred" tile size. The control will optimize the tile size so that it is evenly fits the virtual area. In some cases the end tiles will be smaller than other tiles. As long as you use the tile size given to your VirtualImageProvider then you dont have to worry about any of this. - Briefly tested with Firefox 2.0 and everything seems to work fine. - Tree: Set cellspacing and cellpadding to 0 to remove extra space between tree nodes. - Tree: Added ability for each node to be represented by multiple rows. This allows inserting addition GUI elememts in the tree under a certain node for advanced GUI behavior (e.g. inline property editor). - Tree: Changed TreeColumnBuilder to return "" instead of null if a property value is null. - Tree: Added ability to specify alternate row background colors. The tree automatically handles updating the background color as needed. - Fixed major bug that set a property on an element but not its attribute (setAttribute) in certain situations. Changed the communcation with the JS Client to allow setting properties and setting attributes explicitly. So the server now tells the client what to do specifically depending on the situation (either setProperty or setAttribute). - Changed BZInput(HTMLINput also BZButton) add setDisabled(boolean) and getDisabled(). This is the easy way to set these properties withouth having to worry about it. Dont use setAttribute("disabled", some value) anymore. - Changed BZOption to support setDisabled,getDisabled, setSelected,getSelected. Same thing as BZInput. Dont use the setAttribute method for this anymore. - Changed DataEntryFormElement: Align field names to top. Added method to add vertical field (where the name is above the field value) - Fixed bug with text field and text area that once the user modified the value and the server tried to reset the value it did not work. - Split up key event listeners into up,down,and press. Allows listening to only one of these instead of all 3. In most cases only need one so this is more efficient. - Text field now generates a property changed event for the "TextValue" property when the value changes on the client via typing. The typical "change event" is seperate from this and occurs only when the browser generates a change event (i.e. when the field losses focus). - Changed the "error connecting host" message to use a div inserted in the top of the browser. This is to avoid a thousand message dialogs that the user needs to dismiss in some situations. - Fixed bug with Select Element not showing a selection change made from the server on IE6. - Changed timer cycle that contacts the host to not start another timer cycle until the current one is done. This is more efficient in batching updates to the server..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Ajax Applications Bzbyte Changed Ez Interactive Libraries Programming To Make Value Web Web Applications Web Toolkit
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 4.1 MB
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