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B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState 0.02

  Date Added: August 11, 2010  |  Visits: 989


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B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState is an internal package used by B::JVM::Jasmin to keep state of compilation. SYNOPSIS use B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState; my $state = new B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState([HASHREF]); This class is used to store the internal state of the compiler as it runs. Certain global information must be accounted for, and instead of making a bunch of global variables, I thought it would be better to keep track of this via a sub-package. B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState Package Variables $VERSION Version number of B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState. It should always match the version of B::JVM::Jasmin @ISA Canonical @ISA array, derives from nothing Modules used by B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState Carp Used for error reporting File::Spec::Functions Used to do some operations on files IO::File used for creating lexically scoped file handles B::JVM::Jasmin::Emit Needed for creating emitter objects for output Methods in B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::new usage: B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::new(HASHREF) Creates a new object of the class. First, it checks for the validity of the keys of the given initialization package (valid keys are kept in @validUserParameters), and if everything checks out, it sets up a few defaults if none were given and returns the blessed object. Accepted User Parameters: mainClassName The name to be used for the Java class that will correspond to the "main::" package. Defaults to "Main" if none is given. currentPackage This is the current package being compiled. Should be updated by the user using the setCurrentPackage method. There is really no need to initialize it until compilation starts. Consequently, the value defaults to undef. outputDirectory A directory to use for creation of output files. Defaults to the current working directory. keepIntermediateFiles If true, intermediate files that are generated during the compilation process are kept for user inspection. B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::createNewFile usage: $obj->createNewFile($packageName, [$className]) Creates a new file entry in the compiler state object and opens a new file handle for use when writing out jasmin files. If the file has already been created, nothing is done. This is typically called whenever a new package is discovered, so that a seperate class file can be generated for that package (class) in True Java Style (TM) :) B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::emit usage: $obj->emit([PACAKGE_NAME]) returns the emitter object associated with the given package, PACAKGE_NAME. If PACKAGE_NAME is missing, then the emitter object of the currentPackage is returned B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::setCurrentMethod usage: $obj->setCurrentMethod($methodName) Set the current method to be $methodName B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::setCurrentPackage usage: $obj->setCurrentPackage($packageName) Set the current package to be $packageName B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::clearCurrentMethod usage: $obj->clearCurrentMethod() Clear the current method name stored B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::getCurrentMethod usage: $obj->getCurrentMethod() Return the current method B::JVM::Jasmin::CompileState::DESTORY usage: $obj->DESTROY() Default destructor for the object.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
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