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DateTime::Precise 1.05

  Date Added: October 27, 2010  |  Visits: 849


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DateTime::Precise can perform common time and date operations with additional GPS operations. SYNOPSIS use DateTime::Precise; use DateTime::Precise qw(:TimeVars); # Constructors and ways to set time. $t1 = DateTime::Precise->new; $t2 = DateTime::Precise->new(1998. 4. 3 12:13:44.054); $t3 = DateTime::Precise->new(time() - 100.23456); $t4 = DateTime::Precise->new(1998.04.24); $t1->set_localtime_from_epoch_time; $t1->set_gmtime_from_epoch_time(time + 120.987); $t1->set_from_datetime(1998.03.23 16:58:14.65); $t1->set_time(YDHMS, 1998, 177, 9, 15, 26.5); # This is the same as $d3->set_from_datetime(...) $t3->dscanf("%^Y.%M.%D %h:%m:%s", "1998.03.25 20:25:23"); if ($msg = $d1->dscanf("%~M", $input)) { print "error: $msgn"; print "Must enter a three-letter month abbrev.n"; } # Get different parts of the time. $year = $t3->year; $month = $t3->month; $day = $t3->day; $hours = $t3->hours; $minutes = $t3->minutes; $seconds = $t3->seconds; ($year, $day_of_year) = $t3->get_time(Yj); # Print times and dates. print $t2->asctime; print $t2->strftime(%T %C%n); print $t2->dprintf("%^Y.%M.%D %h:%m:%s"); # datetime print $t2->dprintf("%~w %~M %-D %h:%m:%s CST %^Y"); # ctime # Copy times. my $t4 = $t2->copy; # Set one time object to the same time as another: set $t3 equal to $t2. $t3->clone($t2); # Find the difference between two times. $secs_from_midnight = $t4 - $t1; $secs_from_midnight = $t4->diff($t1); # Add seconds, days, months, etc to time. $t1 = $t4 + 3600; # $t1 is now an hour after midnight $t1->inc_month(2); # add two months to $t1 $t1->floor_month; # set $t1 to the first of the month $t1 -= 0.25; # subtract 1/4 of a second from $t1 # Can compare and sort DateTime::Precise. print "Its late!!!" if ($t1 > $t4); @sorted = sort @birthdays; # normal comparisons work fine # Get the GPS weeks, seconds and day. $gps_week = $t1->gps_week; $gps_seconds = $t1->gps_seconds; $gps_day = $t1->gps_day; ($gps_week, $gps_seconds, $gps_day) = $t1->gps_week_seconds_day;.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Common Time Date Operations Datetime Datetimeprecise Day Gps Libraries Month Print Programming Seconds Time Time And Date
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 34.82 KB
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