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CGI::Kwiki::New 0.18

  Date Added: May 18, 2010  |  Visits: 929


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CGI::Kwiki::New is the default new wiki generator for CGI::Kwiki. A Wiki is a website that allows its users to add pages, and edit any existing pages. It is one of the most popular forms of web collaboration. If you are new to wiki, visit which is possibly the oldest wiki, and has lots of information about how wikis work. There are dozens of wiki implementations in the world, and many of those are written in Perl. As is common with many Perl hacks, they are rarely modular, and almost never released on CPAN. One major exception is CGI::Wiki. This is a wiki framework that is extensible and is actively maintained. Another exception is this module, CGI::Kwiki. CGI::Kwiki focuses on simplicity and extensibility. You can create a new kwiki website with a single command. The module has no prerequisite modules, except the ones that ship with Perl. It doesnt require a database backend, although it could be made to use one. The default kwiki behaviour is fairly full featured, and includes support for html tables. Any behaviour of the kwiki can be customized, without much trouble. SPECIAL FEATURES CGI::Kwiki will come with some fancy addons not found in most wiki implementations. This comes with the promise that they will not interfere with the sheer simplicity of the default kwiki interface. Check http:// from time to time to see what hot features have been added. Kwiki Slide Show You can create an entire PowerPoint-like slideshow, in a single kwiki page. There is Javascript magic for advancing slides, etc. See the sample page KwikiSlideShow. EXTENDING CGI::Kwiki is completely Object Oriented. You can easily override every last behaviour by subclassing one of its class modules and overriding one or more methods. This is generally accomplished in just a few lines of Perl. The best way to describe this is with an example. Start with the config file. The default config file is called "config.yaml". It contains a set of lines like this: config_class: CGI::Kwiki::Config driver_class: CGI::Kwiki::Driver cgi_class: CGI::Kwiki::CGI cookie_class: CGI::Kwiki::Cookie database_class: CGI::Kwiki::Database metadata_class: CGI::Kwiki::Metadata display_class: CGI::Kwiki::Display edit_class: CGI::Kwiki::Edit formatter_class: CGI::Kwiki::Formatter template_class: CGI::Kwiki::Template search_class: CGI::Kwiki::Search changes_class: CGI::Kwiki::Changes prefs_class: CGI::Kwiki::Prefs pages_class: CGI::Kwiki::Pages slides_class: CGI::Kwiki::Slides javascript_class: CGI::Kwiki::Javascript style_class: CGI::Kwiki::Style scripts_class: CGI::Kwiki::Scripts This is a list of all the classes that make up the kwiki. You can change anyone of them to be a class of your own. Lets say that you wanted to change the BOLD format indicator from "*bold*" to bold. You just need to override the "bold()" method of the Formatter class. Start by changing "config.yaml". formatter_class: MyKwikiFormatter Then write a module called "". You can put this module right in your kwiki installation directory if you want. The module might look like this: package MyKwikiFormatter; use base CGI::Kwiki::Formatter; sub bold { my ($self, $text) = @_; $text =~ s!(.*?)!$1!g; return $text; } 1; Not too hard, eh? You can change all aspects of CGI::Kwiki like this, from the database storage to the search engine, to the main driver code. If you come up with a set of classes that you want to share with the world, just package them up as a distribution and put them on CPAN. By the way, you can even change the configuration file format from the YAML default. If you wanted to use say, XML, just call the file "config.xml" and write a module called "CGI::Kwiki::Config_xml"..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Bold Cgi Cgikwikinew Default Kwiki Libraries Module New Programming Wiki
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