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Env::Bash 0.04

  Date Added: February 20, 2010  |  Visits: 586


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Env::Bash is a Perl extension for accessing _all_ bash environment variables. SYNOPSIS use Env::Bash; Standard interface: my @var = get_env_var( "SORCERER_MIRRORS", Source => "/etc/sorcery/config", ); print "SORCERER_MIRRORS via get_env_var:n", join( "n", @var ), "ncount = ", scalar @var, "n"; @var = Env::Bash::SORCERER_MIRRORS ( Source => "/etc/sorcery/config", ); print "SORCERER_MIRRORS via name:n", join( "n", @var ), "ncount = ", scalar @var, "n"; my @keys = get_env_keys( Source => "/etc/sorcery/config", SourceOnly => 1, ); print "first 10 keys:n", map { " $_n" } @keys[0..9]; Object oriented interface: my $be = Env::Bash->new( Source => "/etc/sorcery/config", Keys => 1, ); my @var = $be->get( "SORCERER_MIRRORS" ); print "SORCERER_MIRRORS via get:n", join( "n", @var ), "ncount = ", scalar @var, "n"; @var = $be->SORCERER_MIRRORS; print "SORCERER_MIRRORS via name:n", join( "n", @var ), "ncount = ", scalar @var, "n"; $be = Env::Bash->new( Keys => 1,); @var = $be->HOSTTYPE; print "HOSTTYPE via name:n", join( "n", @var ), "ncount = ", scalar @var, "n"; if( $be->exists( BASH_VERSINFO ) ) { print "BASH_VERSINFO =>n ", join( "n ", $be->BASH_VERSINFO ), "n"; } my %options = $be->options( [], Keys => 1 ); Tie HASH interface: my %env = (); tie %env, "Env::Bash", Source => "/etc/sorcery/config", ForceArray => 1; my $var = $env{SORCERER_MIRRORS}; print "SORCERER_MIRRORS via tied hash:n", join( "n", @$var ), "ncount = ", scalar @$var, "n"; $var = $env{HOSTTYPE}; print "HOSTTYPE via tied hash:n", join( "n", @$var ), "ncount = ", scalar @$var, "n"; while( my( $key, $value ) = each %env ) { print "$key =>n ", join( "n ", @$value ), "n"; }.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Env Envbash Hosttype Join Libraries Mirrors Print Programming Sorcerer Var Versinfo Via
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 14.34 KB
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