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Test::Extreme 0.12

  Date Added: October 26, 2010  |  Visits: 628


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Test::Extreme is a perlish unit testing framework. SYNOPSIS # In combine unit tests with code package ModuleOne; use Test::Extreme; sub foo { return 23 }; sub test_foo { assert_equals foo, 23 } # at the end of the module run_tests ModuleOne if $0 =~ /$/; # To run the tests in this module on the command line type perl # If you have tests in several modules (say in, # and, create containing # precisely the following: use ModuleOne; use ModuleTwo; use ModuleThree; run_tests ModuleOne, ModuleTwo, ModuleThree, # Then run these tests on the command line with perl # If you prefer to get Perls classic "ok/not ok" output use # replace run_tests with run_tests_as_script in all of the # above # Also take a look at Test/ which includes its own # unit tests for how to instrument a module with unit tests Test::Extreme is a perlish port of the xUnit testing framework. It is in the spirit of JUnit, the unit testing framework for Java, by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma. Instead of porting the implementation of JUnit we have ported its spirit to Perl. The target market for this module is perlish people everywhere who value laziness above all else. Test::Extreme is especially written so that it can be easily and concisely used from Perl programs without turning them into Java and without inducing object-oriented nightmares in innocent Perl programmers. It has a shallow learning curve. The goal is to adopt the unit testing idea minus the OO cruft, and to make the world a better place by promoting the virtues of laziness, impatience and hubris. You test a given unit (a script, a module, whatever) by using Test::Extreme, which exports the following routines into your namespace: assert $x - $x is true assert_true $x - $x is true assert_false $x - $x is not true assert_passed - the last eval did not die ($@ eq "") assert_failed - the last eval caused a die ($@ ne "") assert_some $x - $x is true assert_none - $x is false assert_equals $x, $y - recursively tests arrayrefs, hashrefs and strings to ensure they have the same contents assert_contains $string, $list - $list contains $string assert_subset $element_list, $list - $element_list is a subset of $list (both are arrayrefs) assert_is_array $x - $x is an arrayref assert_is_hash $x - $x is a hashref assert_is_string $x - $x is a scalar assert_size N, $list - the arrayref contains N elements assert_keys [k1, k2], $hash - $hash contains k1, k2 as keys run_tests_as_script - run all tests in package main and emit Perls classic "ok/not ok" style output run_tests_as_script NS1, NS2, ... - run all tests in package main, NS1, NS2, and so on and emit Perls classic "ok/not ok" style output run_tests - run all tests in package main run_tests NS1, NS2, ... - run all tests in package main, NS1, NS2, and so on For an example on how to use these assert take a look at Test/ which includes it own unit tests and illustrates different ways of using these asserts. The function run_tests finds all functions that start with the word test (preceded by zero or more underscores) and runs them one at a time. It looks in the main namespace by default and also looks in any namespaces passed to it as arguments. Running the tests generates a status line (a "." for every successful test run, or an "F" for any failed test run), a summary result line ("OK" or "FAILURES!!!") and zero or more lines containing detailed error messages for any failed tests. To get Perls classic "ok/not ok" style output (which is useful for writing test scripts) use run_tests_as_script instead of run_tests..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Assert Libraries List Moduleone Pm Testextreme Testing Tests Unit Unit Testing Unit Tests X Is
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