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Net::AIM 1.22

  Date Added: May 14, 2010  |  Visits: 771


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Net::AIM is a Perl extension for AOL Instant Messenger TOC protocol. SYNOPSIS use Net::AIM; $aim = new Net::AIM; $conn = $aim->newconn(Screenname => Perl AIM, Password => yaddayadda); $aim->start; This module implements an OO interface to the Aol Instant Messenger TOC protocol. This version contains not much more than hacked code that merely connects to the aol TOC servers and acts on instant messages. METHODS Net::AIM->new() This is the Net::AIM constructor. No arguments needed. $aim->debug($debug) Set whether to print DEBUGGING information to STDERRR. Accepts $debug which should be a boolean value. $aim->set($key, $val) This method simply sets $key to $val in an internal hash for variables $aim->get($key) This method simply gets the value of $key from the internal hash $aim->newconn() This method creates a new AIM::Connection object $aim->getconn() This method returns a pointer to the AIM::Connection object $aim->do_one_loop() This executes one read off the socket. $aim->start() This just starts an infinte loop of $aim->do_one_loop; $aim->timeout($secs); This sets or returns the current timeout in seconds for the select loop. Takes 1 optional argument. Fractional timeout values are ok. $aim->add_buddy($send_bool, $group, @buddies); This adds @buddies to your buddy list, under the group $group. if $send_bool evaluates to TRUE then the toc_add_buddy command is sent to the server. Otherwise it is not sent out. This function will also save the list internally. $aim->add_permit($send_bool, $group, @buddies); This adds @buddies to your permit list, under the group $group. if $send_bool evaluates to TRUE then the toc_add_permit command is sent to the server. Otherwise it is not sent out. This function will also save the list internally. $aim->add_deny($send_bool, $group, @buddies); This adds @buddies to your deny list, under the group $group. if $send_bool evaluates to TRUE then the toc_add_deny command is sent to the server. Otherwise it is not sent out. This function will also save the list internally. $aim->remove_buddy($send_bool, $group, @buddies); This removes @buddies from your buddy list. $group must be the group they were orginally set with for them to be deleted from the internal $aim memory and prevent them from getting added again incase a set_config method is called. if $send_bool evaluates to TRUE then the toc_add_deny command is sent to the server. Otherwise it is not sent out. This function will also save the list internally. $aim->set_idle($idle_time) This method sets our idle time to $idle_time. If $idle_time is omitted it will be set to 0. $aim->get_info($screen_name) Sends an info request to the server for $screen_name. The server should reply with a URL which will contain the info requested about the user. $aim->set_info($info) This method sets your info or profile information to $info on the server. $aim->evil($user, $anon) Warn $screen_name. $anon: boolean value which will determine whether to warn the user anonymously or normally. Anonymous warnings are less severe. $aim->send($message) Send $message to the server. This is used internally by other functions to send commands to the server. $aim->send(toc_add_buddy perlaim) $aim->chat_invite($room, $msg, @buddies) Invite @buddies to $room with the message $msg $aim->chat_accept($room_id) This will accept an invitation that was sent to us for $room_id $aim->chat_leave($room_id) This method instructs the server to take you out of the room $room_id $aim->chat_whisper($room_id,$user,$msg) Whisper $msg to $user in the room $room_id $aim->chat_send($room_id, $message) Send $message in chat room $room_id $aim->chat_join($roomname) Send a request to enter the room $roomname $aim->send_im($screen_name, $message) This method sends $message to $screen_name. $aim->list_rooms(); This method returns an @array of rooms each consisting of ID:ROOM_NAME. For instance: 235236:Perl AIM Chat12 234323:Perl AIM Chat13 235832:Perl AIM Chat14 125082:Perl AIM Chat15 $aim->get_roomname($id) This method returns the name of the room with id $id. $aim->set_roomname($id, $roomname) This saves $roomname in the $aim object in a %hash keyed on $id. $aim->del_roomname($id) Deletes $id and its associate value from our roomname hash in $aim $aim->encode($str) This method returns $str encoded as per the TOC specs: escaped special chars ({}[]$) and enclosed in quotes (") $aim->send_config() This method instructs the module to send our configurations which are the mode (permit/deny/all) and our buddy list to the server and to set it as our saved config on the server $aim->send_buddies() This method instructs the module to send all our current buddies to the AOL server. $set_config_str($config_str, add_bool) This parses a config string of the form: g Buddies p permit1 p permit2 d deny1 d deny2 b budd1 b budd2 Key: g - Buddy Group (All Buddies until the next g or the end of config are in this group.) b - A Buddy p - Person on permit list d - Person on deny list m - Permit/Deny Mode. Possible values are 1 - Permit All 2 - Deny All 3 - Permit Some 4 - Deny Some $aim->normalize($data) This method normalizes $data by killing all but strict alphnumeric characters. Typically used for screen_names..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Aim Aol Instant Aol Instant Messenger Aol Instant Messenger Toc Buddies Group Id Instant Messenger Method Netaim Room Send Toc True
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 21.5 KB
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