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App::quickstart 0.964

  Date Added: March 05, 2010  |  Visits: 1.254


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App::quickstart is App::Context Developers Quick-Start Guide. This is the Developers Quickstart Guide to the App::Context Framework. Its focus is to give a minimum amount of theoretical or explanatory background and get right into learning by example. That having been said, it is also important to let you know what documentation exists and what state it is in. I got started building the App::Context framework a while ago. The documentation is very limited. This is an effort to bring it all together. This list shows how all of the documentation fits together and in what state it is. The following documentation is in good shape. To get started, read them more or less in the order shown. App::quickstart - This quick start guide. App::installguide::hosted - Installing the App::Context Framework on a non-root web hosting account The following documentation also is in good shape. It is background reference material. App::datetime - Guidance on date, time, and datetime types in perl. App::exceptions - Guidance on exceptions in perl. The following documentation is in a state that needs review, modification, or completion. App::perlstyle - A perl style guide that builds minimally on perlstyle. App::faq - Questions about P5EE. App::installguide - Installing the App::Context Framework on Unix. App::installguide::win32 - Installing the App::Context Framework on Windows. App::devguide - Developers Guide. App::devguide - Developers Guide. App::adminguide - Administrators Guide. App::adminguide::cvs - Admin Guide, setting up CVS source control. CLASS/MODULE DOCUMENTATION (indented entries are subclasses) Most of this documentation needs review, modification, and completion. App - The module that bootstraps the use of the App::Context Framework. App::Context - Abstract class representing the the runtime context of the program. +-- App::Context::Cmd - A program running in a command-line context. +-- App::Context::HTTP - A program running in a CGI/mod_perl context. +-- App::Context::Server - A program running in a multi-process server context. =====+-- App::Context::ClusterController - Running in a multi-node cluster context. =====+-- App::Context::ClusterNode - Running on a single node of a cluster. +-- App::Context::NetServer - Another flavor of server context (not yet implemented). App::Exceptions - Defines the exceptions used in the framework. App::UserAgent App::Request +-- App::Request::CGI App::Response App::Session +-- App::Session::HTMLHidden +-- App::Session::Cookie App::Reference +-- App::Conf =====+-- App::Conf::File App::Service +-- App::Serializer =====+-- App::Serializer::Properties =====+-- App::Serializer::Ini =====+-- App::Serializer::Perl =====+-- App::Serializer::Xml =====+-- App::Serializer::Yaml =====+-- App::Serializer::OneLine =====+-- App::Serializer::TextArray =====+-- App::Serializer::Storable +-- App::SessionObject +-- App::Authentication +-- App::Authorization +-- App::ValueDomain +-- App::SharedDatastore +-- App::MessageDispatcher +-- App::CallDispatcher =====+-- App::CallDispatcher::HTTPSimple +-- App::ResourceLocker =====+-- App::ResourceLocker::IPCSemaphore =====+-- App::ResourceLocker::IPCLocker Apache::Framework::App INSTALLATION You can go through one of the installation guides. Installing the App::Context Framework generally involves several distributions and should just work when installed from CPAN. perl -MCPAN -e shell cpan> install App::Options cpan> install App::Context cpan> install App::Repository cpan> install App::Widget cpan> exit If its not this easy, I need to work on making it easier..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Appquickstart Context Context Developers Quick Context Framework Cpan Developers Documentation Framework Guide Libraries Programming Resourcelocker Start Guide
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License: Freeware Size: 122.88 KB
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