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Dofus Patch 1.18.1

  Date Added: February 18, 2010  |  Visits: 1.305

Dofus Patch

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DOFUS is a popular masive multiplayer RPG online game. Story: A long time ago.... .. a dragon named Bolgrot arrived in the eternal Province of Amakna. The young Rykke Errel was the only one to be courageous enough to face the terrible creature. Instead of reducing him to dust as it could easily have done it, the dragon bowed down before the young knight and swore loyalty to him. Months passed by... Rykke met Helsephine, a young enchantress, and fell madly in love with her. When he introduced Helsephine to Bolgrot, Rykke would never have guessed what was about to happen. The dragon, mad with rage, killed the sweet Helsephine and flew away, destroying everything on its way. Rykke chased the dragon. When he found it, the old friends confronted each other in a titanic fight. Using his weapons and his magic, Rykke succeeded to bring Bolgrot down. But fatally injured, the young hero died short after. Looking for an explanation... ... about the sudden violence of Bolgrot, the wise men of Amakna discovered within the entrails of the dragon six unusually colored eggs that were called DOFUS. Later on, it was discovered that when these eggs were reunited their power was absolute. Absolute, but also unstable. The wise men decided to conceal those terrible relics from the rest of the world. During the following centuries, the secret of the existence of the DOFUS was so well kept that people eventually forgot all about them. But a cursed day among others, the guardians of the secret discovered that the DOFUS had disappeared. The news quickly spread, arousing terror and covetousness. It didnt take long for adventurers to show up in Amakna, attracted by the prospect of glory or plunder. The destiny of Amakna was from then on uncertain and the appearance of numerous creatures as terrifying as theyre unknown added to the confusion. Whats New in This Release: Graphics: - The maps of the Amakna area have been revised and the visual aspect of the buildings and the vegetation has been improved. Professions: - The success probability when using the skill ?Prepare a meat dish? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Make Bread? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Grind? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Prepare a potion? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Prepare a fish? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Sew a hat? has been increased to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 40%). - The success probability when using the skill ?Gut a fish? has been reduced to 50% at the level 1 of the profession (initially 70%). - New recipes have been created for Butchers and Hunters. - From now on, you can constantly repeat a recipe and specify the number of items you want to create. - From now on, Craftsmen have a maximum success percentage for recipes whose complexity (=square number) is strictly two-square inferior to the maximum complexity of the recipes they can make. - Craftsmen no longer gain experience on recipes whose complexity (square number) is strictly four-square inferior to the maximum complexity of the recipes they can make. - The experience gains when making considerably complex recipes have been increased. - Recipes that no longer make you gain experience are displayed in grey. - Recipes that make you gain experience and with a 99% success probability are displayed in green. - Recipes that make you gain experience and with a non 99% success probability are displayed in red. - For example: A level 60 craftsman (able to make 6 square recipes) will no longer gain experience on his 1- and 2- square recipes, but will have a 99% success probability when making 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4- square recipes. However, hell gain a lot more experience when he makes 5-, and 6- square recipes. Smithmagic: - Signature runes are no longer considered as a non-natural bonus and no longer decrease the Smithmagic chances. - The minimum probability to change the element on a weapon increases from 5% to 10%. - The success probability when crafting an item has been increased. - The success probability when adding non-natural bonus in Smithmagic has been increased. - You can no longer gain experience when a crafting attempt fails. - Smithmagi now have a success rate base set to 94% (theyâ??re therefore considered as master craftsmen) when they improve items of an inferior or equal level to that of their smithmagic. And they have the normal success rate (according to their smithmagic level) when they improve items of a higher level to that of their smithmagic. - Smithmagi cant modify items that have a level superior to the double of that of their smithmagic. Monsters: - Dark Bakers can no longer attack players. - Dark Smiths can no longer attack players. - Dark Miners can no longer attack players. - Characteristics and spells of all of the resource protectors have been modified. - Elementary resistances as well as the Knightsâ?? Damage have been increased. The quantity of the following monsters has been increased in the Dreggon Sanctuary Area: - Ignirkocropos the Famished - Aerogoburius the Malicious - Aqualikros the Merciless - Terraburkahl the Perfidious The size of the attack area of the following monsters has been reduced: - Ignirkocropos the Famished - Aerogoburius the Malicious - Aqualikros the Merciless - Terraburkahl the Perfidious - Black Dragoss - Sharp Dark Dragoss - Sharp White Dragoss - Sharp Golden Dragoss - Sapphire Dragoss - White Dragoss - Golden Dragoss - Sharp Sapphire Dragoss - Dragostess - Warrior Dreggon - Flying Dreggon General Modifications: - The group leader can talk to all his group members. Client: Novelties: - The DOFUS Client now uses the Flash Player version 8 which should improve the general performances of the client. - The shortcuts /me, /em and /emote display in-game texts between two stars and announce it in the general chat channel, as an action. - A double click on an item in the inventory equips it automatically. - Some shortcuts are no longer customizable to avoid errors. - From now on, it is possible to select text in the chat (but the option is deactivated by default). - The inventory displays a preview of your characters appearance. - A link ?Add to my Enemies? is displayed when clicking on a player. - The server selection system has been revised and now enables you to choose a server automatically. - Placing spell capital points must be confirmed. - A new interface accessible from the characteristic interface enables you to access to the complete and detailed list of all the characteristics of the characters. - A new button to report bugs is directly available in-game on the test server. - You can now quit a waiting line. - Equipped spells and weapon not only display their basic Critical Hits but also display the probability of real Critical Hits (according to Agility, equipment bonus, alignment, and current boosts). - A button has been added in the interface during fights to activate the "transparency" mode. - A button has been added in the interface during fights to deactivate the display of the monsters and players, in order to properly target the squares behind huge monsters. - When creating items in cooperation mode, craftsmen now have a preview of the item characteristics theyve just created. - A new informative tab is available right onto the identification page of the DOFUS client. It enables you to quickly access the last information regarding the server status and maintenances. - It is possible to copy and paste in all the text zones of the game thanks to the shortcuts Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V. - The lost but dodged AP and MP number is now displayed instead of the message ? dodged the spell?. - From now on, you can choose whether to display your characters preview in the inventory or not, through the option menu. - When creating an item, either alone or with a group, all new creation is now displayed by default. - The filter state of the world map is now saved between two game sessions. - It is now possible to target an enemy or an ally from his picture in the in-fight characters / monsters list. Corrections: - The problem that was turning squares into blocking squares during fights has been fixed. - The use of the pad is operational again to enter house codes. - Using the combination Alt+TAB no longer adds tabs in the text box. - You no longer need to change square with the mouse at the beginning of your turn to display your movement preview. - The crafted item preview is now properly displayed in the secured craft interface. - The variable %xp% now properly rounds up the experience. - Some interface elements could be flashing when opening a new interface, this is fixed and should not happen again. - The window detailing the characteristics of an item from a link in the chat is being displayed in the foreground now, even when the chat story is maximized. - The element icons are not kept displayed in the item characteristic previews when you change tabs. - The client no longer crashes under MacOS or Linux with the Flash Player 9. - When a crafting action is repeated many times, the client no longer lags nor blocks. - Chat (up/down) or correspondents (Shift+Up / Shift+Down / PgDown) story navigation now properly places the cursor at the end of the text. - The window title confirming the creation of an Ankama Games account is no longer "Error". - You can no longer connect to the "undefined? server; however you can connect to the ?Connection Server?. - A negative value for Agility no longer displays "1/NaN" in the critical hit preview. - The sword indicating that a player is in fight is now only displayed when the player in fight and if you?re in his Friend List. - If there?s a mistake in the security configuration when launching DOFUS, the link suggesting a solution now works properly. - When an action (/emote) ends with more than one full stop, the last one is no longer cancelled in the bubble display. - The color of the actions (/emote) is now closer to that of the global channel (black), and the actions are displayed in italics. - The thousand unit separator is now properly displayed. - Some empty effect lines were displaying ?undefined?, this is no longer the case. - The Action Point icon is not longer displayed in a transparent color in the details of a creature in fight. - The button with which you can transfer Kamas from an inventory to another (to the bank, while searching a bin, or in a safe for instance) now works. - When your cursor goes over an item on the floor while zooming on a character no longer displays the tooltip. - The message explaining that a militiaman came to help a neutral player after an attack no longer displays ?undefined?. Spells: General Modifications: - Protective spells now protects you efficiently against the spells: Intimidation, Retreat Arrow and Fate of Ecaflip. - The price of the spell forgetfulness potions has been divided by 4. - The AP and MP loss dodge system has been revised. - The new dodge system enables you to take away AP and MP more easily, but makes it harder to take away the entire loss that the spell can cause. - When taking away X AP/MP, now for each AP/MP among the X initial ones, a dodge roll is made. - The targets dodge percentage will be, between each roll, reduced according to a coefficient which depends on the spell casters wisdom (this coefficient is currently equal to 0.1). - This new system won?t change anything for the players who do not have or have little basic dodge. - This system prevents people from being invulnerable to AP/MP loss if they have a resistance to AP/MP loss superior or equal to 100% - This system enables you to make your take AP/MP away-spells a lot more profitable since they wont be completely dodged. - This system reinforces the interest of the massive take AP/MP away?- spells. - This way, a character that has 400 in wisdom will reduce, in his first attempt to AP/MP loss, the resistances to AP/MP loss of his opponent by 40%. - In his second attempt, he will reduce again by 40% the resistances of his opponent and so on. - In between two different spells, the targets dodge rate will obviously be back to its maximum. Pandawa: - Unlucky Bamboo: the spell will be effective for 3 turns instead of 2. - Pandawa Master: His behavior has been improved. Iop: - Vitality: the spell can be cast every 5 turns. - Strengthstorm: the graphics effects have been corrected and from now on, the effects no longer apply to the spell caster but to the target. Sacrier: - Sacrifice: the effects of the spell last 5 turns and the spell can be cast every 6 turns. Sadida: - Bramble: the spell is limited to 2 throws a turn at level 6. Damage at level 6 has been reduced. - Earthquake: the spells effect area is no longer unlimited. - Poisoned Wind: the spell?s effect area is no longer unlimited. - The Ultra-Powerful: The Treacherous Dolls summoned no longer reduce range but reduce resistances to Enemies action points loss. The maximum number of Movement points that Treacherous Dolls can take away decreased from 3 to 2. - The Block: Health points, agility and resistances have been increased at all the levels of the spell. - The Madoll: Wisdom has been increased at all the levels of the summon. - The Swindling: Wisdom has been increased at all the levels of the summon. Osamodas: - Crackler: Wisdom has been increased at all the levels of the summon. - Prespic: Wisdom has been increased at all the levels of the summon. Xelor: - Counter: rebounded damage at the level 6 of the spell has been reduced. The effects of the spell will last for 3 turns and the spell can only be cast again every 6 turns. - Blinding Protection: The effects of the spell will last for 3 turns and the spell can only be cast again every 6 turns. - All of the Xelor spells now have 1 chance out of 10 to make the spell caster gain 1 AP. Eniripsa: - Wiping Word has been replaced by a new spell â??Lifting Wordâ?? which enables player to gain range for 1 turn. - Prevention: the minimum damage reduction at the level 6 of the spell has been reduced. As from level 6, you can cast your spell in all different directions and not only in a straight line. - Word of Silence: The AP loss caused by the spell has been reduced. - Paralyzing Word: The MP loss caused by the spell has been reduced. Sram: - Poisoned Trap: the size of the trap at the level 6 of the spell has been reduced. The cool down period reduces every time your spell levels up. - Invisibility: It no longer enables you to stay invisible when you attack with daggers. - Trap of Silence: The AP loss caused by the spell has been reduced. - Paralyzing Trap: The MP loss caused by the spell has been reduced. Enutrof: - Rocks Den has been replaced by the spell Mound which enables you to cause area Earth-type Damage. Cra: - Bow Skill: this spell now has a critical hit. - The spell points used in the following spells will be entirely restored when putting on line the version 1.17: Counter, Blinding Protection, Sacrifice, Invisibility (Sram, Enutrof and Eniripsa), Bramble, Earthquake, Poisoned Wind, The Ultra-Powerful, Poisoned Trap and Prevention. Items: - George Bowsh: the critical failure goes to 1/2. The minimum range of the bow goes to 4 squares. - Xyothine: the critical hit bonus decreases from 10 to 7. - Runaway Bow: the critical hit decreases from 15 to 10. - Saber Ayassalama: Can be used by the Sacriers. - Treechnid Gear: the bonuses given by this gear have been reduced. - Prespic Gear: the damage rebounded are no longer avoided. - Dreggon Gear: Bonuses when two items of the gear are equipped have been reduced. - Angelika Bow: can be handled with one hand. - Xelor Amulet: requirements to equip it have been cancelled. - You now only need 50 Trool Fair tokens to action the Bwork machine. - The Trool Fair tokens are now considered as quest items. The following weapons must now be handled with two hands: - Creizy-Stufh Wand - Iots Wand - Wand Heroff - Boogey Wand - Xyothine - Cake Shovel - Hammer Ican - Black Mel Root - Lutination Daggers - Regah Daggers - Gobbly Apprentice Killer Daggers - Dreggon Daggers - Ice Daggers - Maydhyn China Daggers - Râ??Hoh Daggers - Daggers Sives - Citrus Daggers - Ostwogoth Daggers - Ramougre Setter Miscellaneous: - The city potions Bonta and Brakmar will take you to the militia of your city and no longer to the Zaap. The old potions made before this modification wont be affected. - The Banks of Bonta and Brakmar have been redone and divided into three parts to improve the smooth running of the game in these areas. - Several manholes have been added in the cities of Bonta and Brakmar. They enable you to easily access the sewers of these cities.. You want to know everything about DOFUS? exchange ideas and tips with other players, take part in the evolution of the game? communicate with Ankama Games developpers?

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Ap Critical Hit From Now On Has Been Has Been Reduced Level Longer Mp Multiplayer Rpg No Longer Reduced Spell Success
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 6.6 MB
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