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POE::Component::Amazon::S3 0.01

  Date Added: November 04, 2010  |  Visits: 611


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POE::Component::Amazon::S3 is a Perl module to work with Amazon S3 using POE. SYNOPSIS use POE qw(Component::Amazon::S3); POE::Component::Amazon::S3->spawn( alias => s3, aws_access_key_id => your S3 id, aws_secret_access_key => your S3 key, ); ### Methods for working with buckets # List buckets, posts back to buckets_done with the result $kernel->post( s3 => buckets, buckets_done, ); # Add a bucket $kernel->post( s3 => add_bucket, add_bucket_done, { bucket => my-bucket, } ); # Delete a bucket, must be empty of all keys $kernel->post( s3 => delete_bucket, delete_bucket_done, { bucket => my-bucket, } ); # Set access control on a bucket, see below for more info about ACL $kernel->post( s3 => set_acl, set_acl_done, { bucket => my-bucket, acl_short => public-read, } ); # Get the access control list for a bucket $kernel->post( s3 => get_acl, get_acl_done, { bucket => my-bucket, } ); ### Methods for working with keys # Add a key with inline data $kernel->post( s3 => add_key, add_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-inline-key, data => testing 123, } ); # Add a key with data from a file $kernel->post( s3 => add_key, add_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-file-key, file => /path/to/large_file, } ); # List some keys, used for pagination $kernel->post( s3 => list_bucket, list_bucket_done, { bucket => my-bucket, max-keys => 10, }, ); # List all keys, may make multiple calls internally to list_bucket $kernel->post( s3 => list_bucket_all, list_bucket_all_done, { bucket => my-bucket, }, ); # Get a key, saving the contents in memory $kernel->post( s3 => get_key, get_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket key => my-inline-key, }, ); # Get a key, saving directly to a file $kernel->post( s3 => get_key, get_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket key => my-file-key, file => /tmp/my-file-key, }, ); # Get only the headers for a key $kernel->post( s3 => head_key, head_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-inline-key, }, ); # Delete a key $kernel->post( s3 => delete_key, delete_key_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-inline-key, }, ); # Set access control on a key, see below for more info about ACL $kernel->post( s3 => set_acl, set_acl_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-inline-key, acl_short => public-read, } ); # Get the access control list for a key $kernel->post( s3 => get_acl, get_acl_done, { bucket => my-bucket, key => my-inline-key, } ); ### Return values # All methods post back to the given state with the same parameters, # return and response. Example: sub add_bucket_done { my ( $kernel, $return, $response ) = @_[ KERNEL, ARG0, ARG1 ]; # $return contains only the results of the call # $response contains the full HTTP::Response object from the call # See individual method documentation below for details on $return }.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Access Control Acl Bucket Key Libraries List Perl Module Poe Post Programming
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 20.48 KB
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