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Sys::Manage::Cmd 0.56

  Date Added: May 16, 2010  |  Visits: 933


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Sys::Manage::Cmd - Systems management command volley. SYNOPSIS Command line script use Sys::Manage::Cmd; my $s =Sys::Manage::Cmd->new(); # Script associations (see also embedded in source): $s->{-assoc}->{.ftp}=sub{[ftp,-n,-s:loginfile,!elem!,<,$_[1]->[0]]}; # Target collections: $s->{-target}->{all} =[1,2,3,4,5,6]; # Target branches: $s->{-branch}->{1} =[1,2]; $s->{-branch}->{2} =[3,4]; $s->{-branch}->{3} =[5,6]; # Command-line setup / loop: $s->set([@ARGV]); # Command assignments: #$s->set(-k=>assign, -o=>b, -i=>0, -ping=>1); #$s->execute(-a=>assignment name, -t=>[targets], -cline=>[command line]); #... # Command line execution: $s->set(-k=>cmd, -o=>b, -i=>0, -ping=>0); $s->execute([@ARGV]); Command line script -option -option... target command-line script -option... -ttarget... command-line Examples of command line script all dir !elem! script -ob -tall dir !elem! script -rPrevId -tall dir !elem! script -aTest -tall dir !elem! script -l10 -tall dir !elem! Options of command line (see also -cline and -i, -k, -l, -o, -r, -t, -u, -x, -v, -g) -kNameSpace - kind (namespace) of command -rCommandId - redo command id (used also inside -l); or switch (for -a) -aAssignName - assignment name, to use as command id -lPauseSecs - loop with pause before each subsequent redo -lg... - ... for pings usuccessful only -lv, -lw... - ... console verbose or windowed subsequent turns -o(s|c|b) - order of execution: sequental concurrent branched (concurrent branches) -tTargetName - target, may be several -t, instead of positional argument -xTargetExcl - exclusion from target list, may be several -x -uUser:pswd - user name and password for target -g - ping target before command, also use -gPingTimeout -gx - exclude unsuccessful targets sequentially -i - ignore exit code -v(0|1|2) - verbosity level -vc... - ... cmdfile rows include -vt... - ... date-time include Embedded commands (see also -cline and -assoc) script.ext - interpreting of scripts alike .pl, .bat, .ftp, .rdo.* rcmd, rdo, - commands to remote nodes using fput, fget, Sys::Manage::Conn mput, mget (!elem!, !user!, !pswd! substitutions not needed) cmdfile - evaluate command lines file or Perl script !elem!, < - target element and source file substitutions !user!, !pswd! - user name and password substitutions !log! - log filesystem name substitution Embedding command line (see also ENVIRONMENT and SLOTS) if (!defined($ENV{SMELEM}) # command volley: || ($ENV{SMELEM} eq )) { system($^X, script, -k0, target, $0) } elsif (!$ENV{SMDIR}) { die "Execute this script on Manager!" } elsif ($ENV{SMDIR}) { die "Execute this script on Agent!" } else { # command script: .... 1 # success }.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Command Command Line Elem Env Libraries Line Programming S- Script See Also Sysmanagecmd Systems Management Target
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 61.44 KB
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