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i815 linux tweak 0.1

  Date Added: November 12, 2010  |  Visits: 955

i815 linux tweak

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i815 linux tweak project is i815-family chipset tweaker and optimizer for improve performance. Remember that some settings can crash your system. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Installation: From root user tpye "./". If success, module will compile and plased into modules directory. Usage: modprobe i815tweak Without any parameters nothing changes. In /proc/i815info you can see actual chipset settings. Or see "dmesg" for error info.. For list all module parameters check "modinfo i815tweak". cas=[2,3] CAS# Latency (CL) ras2cas=[2,3] SDRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay (SRCD) ras=[2,3] SDRAM RAS# Precharge (SRP) refX=[0-7] SDRAM Mode Select (SMS). These bits select the operational mode of the MCH DRAM interface. The special modes are intended for initialization at power up. 0 = DRAM in Self-Refresh Mode, Refresh Disabled 1 = Normal Operation, 100 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 15.6 uSec 133 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 11.7 uSec 2 = Normal Operation, 100 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 7.8 133 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 5.85 uSec 3 = Normal Operation, 100 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 1.28 uSec 133 MHz System memory – Refresh interval 0.96 uSec 4 = NOP Command Enable. In this mode all processor cycles to SDRAM result in a NOP Command on the SDRAM interface. 5 = All Banks Precharge Enable. In this mode all processor cycles to SDRAM result in an All Banks Precharge Command on the SDRAM interface. 6 = Mode Register Set Enable. In this mode all processor cycles to SDRAM result in a mode register set command on the SDRAM interface. 7 = CBR Enable. In this mode all processor cycles to SDRAM result in a CBR cycle on the SDRAM interface. dct57=[0, 1] DRAM Cycle Time (DCT). This bit controls the number of SCLKs for an access cycle. 0 = Tras = 7 SCLKs and Trc = 9 SCLKs. 1 = Tras = 5 SCLKs and Trc = 7 SCLKs (Default) bnr=[0,1] Block New Request Lookahead agp=[0,1] AGP4X Override sba=[0,1] Sideband Address Enable (SBA) 1 = Enable. The sideband addressing mechanism is enabled. 0 = Disable fw=[0,1] Fast Writes Enable (FW). This bit must always be programmed to 0. The chipset will behave unpredictably if this bit is programmed with 1. cpc=[0,1] Command per cycle sm=[0,1] SM Always Bypass hacqs=[0,1] Host Aperture Cycle Queue Slot 0 = Default value. No dedicated queue 1 = A dedicated queue slot is reserved clt=[0,1] CPU Latency Timer 0 = Deferrable processor cycle will be Deferred immediately after receiving another ADS# 1 = Deferrable processor cycle will only be Deferred after in has been held in a “Snoop Stall” for 31 clocks and another ADS# has arrived (default). dpcp=[0,1] DRAM Page Closing Policy (DPCP) 0 = Precharge All during the service of any “Page Miss” access. 1 = Precharge All during the service of any “Page Miss” access. magwe=[0,1] Memory Arbiter Grant Window Enable (MAGWE). 0 = Disabled. Enforce fixed priority. 1 = 24 clocks limiting host, 24 clocks guaranteed to low priority graphics stream. EXAMPLE: modprobe i815tweak cas=2 ras2cas=2 ras=2 bnr=1 dct57=1 For more info about i815 chipset settings see Intel Document Reference Number 290688-001, 290693-001 and 290693-002. Get i815 linux tweak at Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. i815-family chipset tweaker and optimizer for improve perfomance

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: In This Linux Mhz Mode Normal Operation Refresh Interval Sclks Sdram System Memory Tweak
Users rating: 0/10

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