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Astro::VO::VOEvent 0.9.4

  Date Added: January 18, 2010  |  Visits: 753


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Astro::VO::VOEvent is an object interface to parse and create VOEvent messages. SYNOPSIS To parse a VOEvent file, $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( File => $file_name ); or $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); Or to build a VOEVENT file, $xml = $object->build( %hash ); The module can parse VOEvent messages, and serves as a limited convenience layer for building new messages. Functionality is currently very limited. METHODS Constructor new Create a new instance from a hash of options $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( ); returns a reference to an VOEvent object. Accessor Methods build Build a VOEvent document $xml = $object->build( Type => $string, Role => $string, ID => $url, Reference => { URL => $url, Type => $string } ); or $xml = $object->build( Type => $string, Role => $string, ID => $url, Description => $string, Citations => [ { ID => $strig, Cite => $string }, . . . { ID => $string, Cite => $string }], Who => { Publisher => $url, Contact => { Name => $string, Institution => $string, Address => $string, Telephone => $string, Email => $string, }, Date => $string }, WhereWhen => { RA => $ra, Dec => $dec, Error => $error, Time => $time }, How => { Name => $string, Location => $string, RTML => $url, Reference => { URL => $url, Type => $string, Name => $string } }, What => [ { Name => $strig, UCD => $string, Value => $string }, . . . { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string } ], Why => [ {Inference => { Probability => $string, Relation => $string, Name => string Concept => string }}, . . . {Inference => { Probability => $string, Relation => $string, Name => string Concept => string }}, . . . {Name => $string}, {Concept => $string } } ); this will create a document from the options passed to the method, most of the hash keys are optional and if missed out the relevant keywords will be blank or missing entirely from the built document. Type, Role, ID and either Reference or WhereWhen (and their sub-tags) are mandatory. The < Group > tag can be utilised from within the < What > tag as follows What => [ { Group => [ { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string }, . . . { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string } ], }, { Group => [ { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string }, . . . { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string } ], }, { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string }, . . . { Name => $string, UCD => $string, Value => $string, Units => $string } ], this will probably NOT be the final API for the build() method, as it is overly complex. It is probably one or more convenience methods will be put ontop of this routine to make it easier to use. See the t/2_simple.t file in the test suite for an example which makes use of the complex form of the What tag above. NB: This is the low level interface to build a message, this is subject to change without notice as higher level "easier to use" accessor methods are added to the module. It may eventually be reclassified as a PRIVATE method. id Return the id of the VOEvent document $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $id = $object->id(); role Return the role of the VOEvent document $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $id = $object->role(); version Return the version of the VOEvent document $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $version = $object->version(); description Return the human readable description from the VOEvent document $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $string = $object->description(); B{ra} Return the RA of the object as given in the tag $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $ra = $object->ra(); B{dec} Return the Dec of the object as given in the tag $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $dec = $object->dec(); B{epoch} Return the Dec of the object as given in the tag $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $epoch = $object->epoch(); B{equinox} Return the Dec of the object as given in the tag $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $equinox = $object->equinox(); B{time} Return the Time of the object as given in the tag $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); $time = $object->time(); B{what} Return the < Param > and < Group >s of < Param >s in the < What > tag, $object = new Astro::VO::VOEvent( XML => $scalar ); %what = $object->what(); General Methods configure Configures the object, takes an options hash as an argument $rtml->configure( %options ); does nothing if the hash is not supplied..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Astrovovoevent Id Libraries Name New Object Programming Return Scalar String Ucd Vo Voevent Xml
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 21.5 KB
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