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PlotCalendar::Month 1.1

  Date Added: January 18, 2010  |  Visits: 743


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PlotCalendar::Month is a Plot an ASCII or HTML calendar. SYNOPSIS Creates a Month object for plotting as ASCII, HTML, or in a Perl/Tk Canvas. Calls for the individual days within the calendar. Measurements in pixels because - well, because. It seemed simpler when I made the decision. And it works for both Tk and HTML. The month is laid out like this : Month_name Year --------------------------------------------------------------- | Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat | --------------------------------------------------------------- | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| | | | | | | | | | day | day | | | | | | optional | | | | | | | | row |--------|--------|--------|-------|--------|--------|--------| Globals : height, width, fgcol, bgcolmain, References expect to be given the entire thing, that is < A HREF="http://yaddayaddayadda/" > or < A HREF="mailto:george_tirebiter@noway.nohow" > The software will terminate it with a < /A > at the right spot. EXAMPLE require PlotCalendar::Month; my $month = PlotCalendar::Month->new(01,1999); # Jan 1999 # global values, to be applied to all cells ------------------------- size of whole calendar $month -> size(700,700); # width, height in pixels ------------------------- font sizes for digit, name of day, and text $month -> font(14,10,8); ------------------------- clip text if it wants to wrap? $month -> cliptext(yes); ------------------------- This can be any day you want $month -> firstday(Sun); # First column is Sunday ------------------------- If this is not set, regular text will be used. ------------------------- If it is set, then in that directory should be ------------------------- gif files named 0.gif, 1.gif ... January.gif, ... $month -> artwork(/home/ajackson/public_html/cgi-bin/Calendar/Calendar_art3/); # arrays of values, if not an array, apply to all cells, if an array # apply to each cell, indexed by day-of-month The colors are the standard values used in html Textstyle encoding is b=bold, i=italic, u=underline, n=normal Fontsize = 6-14, roughly point sizes my @text; my @daynames; my @nameref; my @bgcolor; my @colors = (WHITE,#33cc00,#FF99FF,#FF7070,#FFB0B0,); my (@textcol,@textsize,@textstyle,@textref); my @style = (i,u,b,); my @url; ----------- build some random color and text fields as a demo for (my $i=1;$i<=31;$i++) { $daynames[$i] = "Day number $i"; $nameref[$i] = "< A HREF="http://www.$" >"; $bgcolor[$i] = $colors[$i%5]; @{$text[$i]} = ("Text 1 for $i","Second $i text","$i bit of text",); @{$textref[$i]} = ("< A HREF="http://www.$" >","Second $i text","< A HREF="http://www.$" >",); @{$textcol[$i]} = ($colors[($i+1)%5],$colors[($i+2)%5],$colors[($i+3)%5]); @{$textsize[$i]} = ("8","10","8",); @{$textstyle[$i]} = @style; @style = reverse(@style); $url[$i] = ; } ------------------------- Set global values $month -> fgcolor(BLACK,); # Global foreground color $month -> bgcolor(@bgcolor); # Background color per day $month -> styles(b,bi,ui,); # Global text styles # Comments my @prefs = (before,after,after); my @comments = ([Comment one],["Comment two","and so on"],[Comment three]); my @comcol = qw(b g b); my @comstyle = qw(n b bi); my @comsize = qw(8 10 14); ------------------------- Comments get stuck into an otherwise empty cell $month->comments(@prefs,@comments,@comcol,@comstyle,@comsize); ------------------------- Wrap a hotlink around the whole day, for each day $month -> htmlref(@url); ------------------------- set the names for every day $month -> dayname(@daynames); ------------------------- wrap the name in a hotlink $month -> nameref(@nameref); ------------------------- set the text and its properties for each day $month -> text(@text); $month -> textcolor(@textcol); $month -> textsize(@textsize); $month -> textstyle(@textstyle); $month -> textref(@textref); # global HTML only options ----------------- allow days to expand vertically to accomodate text $month -> htmlexpand(yes); # grab an ascii calendar and print it my $text = $month -> getascii; print $text; ------------------- get the html calendar my $html = $month -> gethtml; print "< HTML >< BODY >n"; print $html;.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Ascii Calendar Day Html Libraries Month Plotcalendar Plotcalendarmonth Print Programming Text
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 20.48 KB
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