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Religion::Islam::PrayerTimes 1.02

  Date Added: January 18, 2010  |  Visits: 1.344


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Religion::Islam::PrayerTimes is a Perl module that calculates Muslim Prayers Times and Sunrise. SYNOPSIS use Religion::Islam::PrayerTimes; #create new object with default options my $prayer = Religion::Islam::PrayerTimes->new(); #Juristic Methods: # 1 = Standard (Imams Shafii, Hanbali, and Maliki), #2 = Hanafi #The difference is in the Aser time only $prayer->JuristicMethod(1); # Calculation Method #1: Umm Al-Qura Committee #2: Muslim World League #3: Egyptian General Authority of Survey #4: University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi #5: ISNA, Islamic Society of North America $prayer->CalculationMethod(3); # Q. What is daylight saving? Ans. Many countries try to adopt their work time by subtracting # from their clocks one hour in the Fall and Winter seasons. $prayer->DaylightSaving(1); #print "DaylightSaving: ". $prayer->DaylightSaving() ."n"; # set the location to clculate prayer times for. # for Cairo, Egypt: # $prayer->PrayerLocation( Latitude => 30.050, Longitude => 31.250, Altitude => 24, TimeZone => 2 ); my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst) = localtime(time); $mon++; $year += 1900; #Adjust the Gregorian Dates by making sure that the month lengths #are correct if not so take the extra days to next month or year. my ($yg0, $mg0, $dg0) = $prayer->GDateAjust($year, $mon, $mday); # Now calculate the prayer times. Times returns in hours decimal format #%result = $prayer->PrayerTimes($year, $mon, $mday); %result = $prayer->PrayerTimes($yg0, $mg0, $dg0); #print "Fajr: " . $result{Fajr} . "n"; #print "Sunrise: " . $result{Sunrise} . "n"; #print "Zohar: " . $result{Zohar} . "n"; #print "Aser: " . $result{Aser} . "n"; #print "Maghrib: " . $result{Maghrib} . "n"; #print "Isha: " . $result{Isha} . "n"; #print "Fajir Rabita: " . $result{FajirRabita} . "n"; #Fajer using exact Rabita method for places >48 #print "Isha Rabita: " . $result{IshaRabita} . "n"; #Ash using exact Rabita method for places >48 #print "Eid Prayer Time: " . $result{Eid} . "n"; #Eid Prayer Time #print "n"; # set time mode for 12 or 24 hour for FormatTime function. $prayer->TimeMode(1); #print time formated #print "TimeMode: " . $prayer->TimeMode() ."n"; my ($h, $m, $ap); ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Fajr}); print "Fajr: $h:$m $apn"; ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Sunrise}); print "Sunrise: $h:$m $apn"; ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Zohar}); print "Zohar: $h:$m $apn"; ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Aser}); print "Aser: $h:$m $apn"; ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Maghrib}); print "Maghrib: $h:$m $apn"; ($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Isha}); print "Isha: $h:$m $apn"; #($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{FajirRabita}); #print "Fajir Rabita: $h:$m $apn"; #Fajer using exact Rabita method for places >48 #($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{IshaRabita}); #print "Isha Rabita: $h:$m $apn"; #Ash using exact Rabita method for places >48 #($h, $m, $ap) = $prayer->FormatTime($result{Eid}); #print "Eid Prayer Time: $h:$m $apn"; #Eid Prayer Time.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Ap Eid Prayer Eid Prayer Time Formattime Muslim Prayers Muslim Prayers Times Perl Module Prayers Times Prayertimes Print Result Timemode
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