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Religion::Islam::Quran 1.0

  Date Added: January 18, 2010  |  Visits: 1.789


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Religion::Islam::Quran - Holy Quran book searchable database multi-lingual in both text and unicode formats. SYNOPSIS #--------------------------------------------------------------- use Religion::Islam::Quran; #--------------------------------------------------------------- #create new object with default options, Arabic language, none unicode my $quran = Religion::Islam::Quran->new(); # or for unicode format and select the Arabic Language: my $quran = Religion::Islam::Quran->new(Unicode => 1, Language=>Arabic); # you can also specifiy your own database files path: my $quran = Religion::Islam::Quran->new(DatabasePath => ./Quran/mydatabase); #--------------------------------------------------------------- #Returns the available Quran databases @Languages = $quran->GetLanguages(); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns all the quran surahs count. $surahs = $quran->SurahCount; # returns 114 #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns all the quran ayats count. $ayats = $quran->AyahCount; # returns 6236 #--------------------------------------------------------------- #returns all surah ayats Quran in an array. @surah = $quran->Surah(1); #--------------------------------------------------------------- #returns the number of surah ayats. $surah_number = 1; # 1 to 114 $surah_ayats = $quran->SurahAyahCount($surah_number); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns the surah name using the surah number from 1 to 114. $surah_name = $quran->SurahName($surah_number); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns Quran text of specific surah ayah . $ayah = $quran->Ayah($surah_number, $ayah_number); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns Quran text of specific surah ayah range in an array . @ayats = $quran->Ayats($surah_number, $from_ayah, $to_ayah); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns all the Quran text of specific surah in an array. @ayats = $quran->Surah($surah_number); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns the surah number using the surah name in Quran sort. $surah_number = $quran->surah_number($surah_name); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns the names of each surah in the Quran sort order. @surahs_name = $quran->SurahsNames(); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # returns the ayats number for each surah in the Quran sort order. @surahs_ayats = $quran->SurahsAyats(); #--------------------------------------------------------------- # search specific Surah for specific text and returns the ayahs numbers @ayats = $quran->SearchSurah($surah, $findwhat); #--------------------------------------------------------------- #Remove Diacritic from Arabic Text $TextWithoutDiacritic = $quran->RemoveDiacritic($TextWithDiacritic); #--------------------------------------------------------------- #The Wajib Sajdah of the Quran #In four Surahs of the Quran there are ayats of sajdah that if a person reads one #of these ayats, or if he hears someone else recite one of these ayats, once the #ayat is finished, one must immediately go into sajdah. #Returns the Surah=>Ayah pairs %SajdahCompulsaryAyats = $quran->SajdahCompulsaryAyats(); print $quran->IsSajdahCompulsaryAyah($surah, $ayah); #The recommended (mustahab) Sajdah of the Quran #Returns the Surah=>Ayah pairs %SajdahRecommendedAyats = $quran->SajdahRecommendedAyats(); print $quran->IsSajdahRecommendedAyah($surah, $ayah); #Surah Number Order of Revelation #Returns surah number=>order of revelation pairs %OrderOfRevelation = $quran->OrderOfRevelation(); print "Surah Order Of Revelation: " . $quran->SurahOrderOfRevelation($surah); #Where each surah revealed, Mekkah or Medianh #Return 1 for Medinah and 0 for Mekkah print $quran->SurahRevelation($surah); print $quran->SurahNameArabicUnicode($surah); This module contains the full Holy Quran Book database searchable and provides many methods for retriving whole quran, specific surahs, or specific ayats and information about Quran and each surah in different languages and transliterations. Quran database files are simply text files pipe separated each line is formated as: < SurahNumber >|< AyahNumber >|< AyahText >< CRLF > Database text files located in the module directory /Religion/Islam/Quran. Default module comes with the Quran Arabic and some other translations. You can download more quran translations and transliterations from

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Ayah Ayats Holy Quran Libraries Number Programming Quran Religionislamquran Returns Searchable Database Surah
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License: Freeware Size: 1.7 MB
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