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WESTBANG is a western FPS style game for Linux. Comics Files: DATA/COMIX/*.CMX Comics are simple animations with given images made by a script file. Comics are used for intro and outro animation and for interlevel shots. There are these reserved comics: intro.cmx played after the start of the program gameover.cmx played, when a player loose his last life goodbye.cmx played after the quit You can modify these files as you wish, but you have to keep these names, because they are called directly from the program. Other comics, their names or number, is random. Any of the *.cmx file can contain these commands: delay < ticks > Specifies the time the computer will wait before he does the next command. image < index > < name > Image loads the specified bitmap and gives it an index number. In the < name > can be just the name of the bitmap (the *.bmp file) or the path and the name. The path starts in ../WESTBANG/DATA/COMIX, so all your bitmaps and dirs have to be in the COMIX directory. Note: The color 255,0,255 is transparent. destroy < index > Removes the image from the memory. Dont forget to destroy images, or you can glut the memory. virtual < v_index > < index > < pos_X > < pos_Y > < width > < height > Virtual is the quad shaped object taken out of the image you can work with by the commands of the comics. You can define more than one virtual in one image. < v_index > is the index given to the new virtual. < index > is the index of the source bitmap. < pox_X > < pos_Y > are the coords of the upper left corner of the virtual in the image. < width > < height > set the size of the virtual. anime < v_inde x> < frames > < delay > Makes the specified virtual the animated one. < Frames > is the number of the frames and < delay > sets the pause between the two frames (speed of animation). Animated virtuals are made of bitmaps with all the frames placed in the row. So the height of the bitmap is the same as the frames height and width equals to times width of the frame. anime_type < v_index > < type > Sets the type of the animation of the specified virtual. 1: from first to last (1->2->3->...) 2: zig zag (1->2->3->2->1->...) 3: random Example: These three commands make a short animated virtual. virtual 3 1 0 0 10 10 //defines the first frame (size 10x10) //taken from the image 1 (size 40x10) anime 3 4 18 //makes 4-frames animation anime_type 3 1 //sets the type of the animation to normal setxy < v_index > < x > < y > Puts the specified virtual on the given coords. vis_on < v_index > Shows the specified virtual. New created virtuals are hiden. You have to use vis_on, if you want to see them on the screen. vis_off < v_index > Hides the specified virtual. move < v_index > < tx > < ty > < sx > < sy > < tempo > Sets the virtual as "the moving" one. Moving virtual goes automaticaly from actual coords to target coords < tx >,< ty >. The speed of the motion can be controled by the length of the single step (< sx >: step along the x-axis, < sy >: step along the y-axis in pixels), or by the < tempo > - the delay between the two steps. resize < v_index> < sw> < sh> < speed_x> < speed_y> Sets the virtual as "the resizing" one. < Sw> and < sh> are starting height and witdth. Resizing can go by the very small steps, thats why you have to set sw=100000 and sh=100000 if you want the starting size of the virtual to be 100% x 100%. sound < index> < name> This is the same as the image command for the bitmaps. play_sound < index> < volume> < panning> Plays the sound once. repeat_sound < index> < volume> < panning> Repeats the sound, until you stop it by the command: stop_sound < index> destroy_sound < index> Removes the sound from the memory. pause Waits for input. The script wont continue, until the user presses any key. include < file_name> Plays the < file_name> comics file. You can make the hierarchy in the files by this command. Its usefull for the good control of the long comics to create one "main" cmx file, that calls the single scenes as you can see in the "intro.cmx". If you want to learn more, how to create the script look in our *.cmx files. Note: Max number of images is 50. Max number of virtuals is 50. Max number of samples is 20.. Download and play PC games, Mac games, video and computer games. Original action, arcade, rpg and strategy games for Apple Mac and Windows Vista

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Arcade Comix File Fps Games Have To Image Index Sound Style Game Virtual Westbang
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 6.8 MB
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