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Kopete Away Message Updater 0.2

  Date Added: January 18, 2010  |  Visits: 743

Kopete Away Message Updater

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Call this script from the Autostart folder, and it will update Kopetes away message for each interval (requires Kopete 0.12 or higher). The away messages are by default defined in ~/.kopete-away-msgs. Each line can contain either: - a comment (starting with a #) - flags message The flags define some properties to each away message. Flags are defined only at the start of the line, beginning and ending with a %. The following flags are supported. [0-9]*[smhd] Determines how long this message should be shown before a new one is chosen. This is the sleep(1) syntax. a Only show this message when youre away. c This line is a command, use its output as away message. i Show the contents of a file, line by line. The message should contain the path to the file. Do not use ~ but use /home/$USER instead. Empty lines in the included file are skipped. n Use the next message in the file for the next iteration. o Only show this message when youre online. x Dont use this message when looking for a random message. This means this line is only accessible when the former line contains the n flag. - Show the message less than normal times -- Show the message even more less --- Show the message sometimes To determine your online status, you need to have the Web Presence plugin enabled. By default, it reads the file ~/.webstatus.xml. Adapt the variable below if you store the file somewhere else. The script wont do anything when youre offline or partially away (that is, some protocols are Away, some protocols are Online). Because the web status plugin is used, the process of retrieving the current webstatus is not really reliable. It may happen that you turn back to online when you set the status on Away in a short time. If this doesnt happen in about 10 seconds after the status change, you may consider the status change as successful. Example ~/.kopete-away-msgs file: ======================================================================== # Sometimes, show uptime for one minute %1mc--% uptime # Fortune rocks, but dont pick too long messages (the length of away # messages is limited. %2mc% fortune -s -n 120 # just show Hello world for the default interval Hello world # Show a away message for 60 seconds. %a60% Im away now. # Ask people to say something when youre online %o% Please message me! # Show all contents of the Linux README line by line. Show each line for # 3 seconds. %3i% /usr/src/linux/README # Tell a little story when Im away. These lines must emerge in the # right order, so mind the n and x flags! The x flags make sure we dont # start in the middle of the story. And, show each line for about 5 # seconds. %na5% Goodbye, all you people, %nax5% Theres nothing you can say %nax5% To make me change my mind. %ax5% Goodbye. ================================================================== Whats New in This Release: - Ability to query the online/away status directly from Kopete (DCOP). This requires a patched Kopete, see the description for more details on how to proceed. - Fortune mode: Pick a random line from a given text file. - First check the online/away status to prevent unnecessary command calls. - Various bugfixes. Kopete Away Message Updater Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Printing Education Games Development Administration Scientific Security Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads QT Look X11 Linux

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Away Away Message Chat Communications Kopete Kopete Away Message Updater Line Message Show Status Updater
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License: Freeware Size: 11.26 KB
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