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Cintel Orion Web Server 1.5

  Date Added: November 10, 2006  |  Visits: 5.007
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Cintel Orion Web Server

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If you want to host your own web site but you can't find an ISP that doesn't bog you down with banner adverts or maximum file size limitations, or you're working on your web site and need to test it quickly, you need Cintel Orion. Running your own Web Server has many benefits such as no space limitations (excluding the capacity of your hard drive), and the advantage that your files don't have to be uploaded, as they're shared directly from your computer.

You can host your own web site over a local network or the Internet. Share files, music, and ideas, or test-out a web page. Cintel Orion does not require a high specification machine or a fast connection to run, as file caching and maximum connection settings can be tailored on-the-fly to your needs (click here for a screenshot). Orion supports a host of Cintel technologies to increase server performance, such as StreamingSTUF mode, which allows entire web sites to be served from within a compressed file.

Orion can run multiple websites side-by-side on the same computer over one IP address, allowing you to serve websites on different domains. Full MIME-type conversion and HTTP-Basic authentication are provided as standard, to ensure a standards-compliant browsing experience across the broadest range of platforms. The server interface has been widely acclaimed as friendly but powerful enough for both first-time and experienced users alike.

For administrative purposes, Orion features a Remote Console accessible through any web browser. Once logged-in, you can view statistics about the server, reset cache or other settings, and view event logs. The console interface has proved to be the most efficient way to remotely configure a Web Server.

When you're away from your computer, Orion can be set-up to automatically upload the server address (the means of accessing your server over the Internet) to an FTP server of your choice. This facility ensures that you can always find the current address of the server from wherever you are.

Orion features 'Virtual Folders', which allows you to make any folder on your computer a sub-folder of your web site. For example, 'C:\My Documents' could be made accessible through the folder '\mydocs' in your web site.

Orion also allows you to design your own error pages, such as when a file is not found, or if a user is unauthorised to access a certain resource.

Orion supports both implicit and explicit file security - that is, you can choose to protect specific files or folders in a directory, or all files and folders under a given directory. Files within compressed STUF Packages can also be protected. The security model is easy to manage and based on user access privileges; not only are resources within your website protected, you can restrict certain program operations (Shutting down, Clear Logs) to users as well.

To test its performance under realistic operating conditions, the Cintel web site was hosted on Orion for a month (you may have seen this logo on the home page). No service outages or other problems were encountered for the duration of the test, demonstrating a high level of reliability.

Key Features:
Have the independence of running your own web server.
Not bound by space limitations or other rules.
File and folder security.
Virtual Folder support.
Remote administration through the Remote Console.
Multiple domain hosting on the same IP address.

Requirements: Winsock 2.2 required for Windows 95
Install Support: Install and Uninstall
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Keyword: Cintel Http Internet Orion Server Software Web Web Server Www
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $35.99 USD Size: 2.22 MB
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