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Push Rummy 1.4

Company: Nerdicus Rex
Date Added: August 02, 2014  |  Visits: 232

Push Rummy
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Push Rummy is one of the most popular games in the world. It is a fun and well known variation of classic Rummy. Push is very similar to Contract Rummy, May I, Liverpool, Shanghai and others. If you like games like Canasta or Hand & Foot, you will LOVE Push Rummy!

Push Rummy by Nerdicus Rex is the first and only cross-platform multiplayer card game of its kind. For the first time, you can play your friends on other Apple devices, OR devices made by other companies!

Don't you hate it when you want to play your friends but you can't connect because you have different brands of phones? With this game you don't ever have to worry about that problem again. You can play and chat with each other as long as you both have the game installed.

If you dont feel like playing your friends, you can play against the computer and challenge yourself against a number of in-game characters each with their own playing style and level of skill!! You will get to know the over 20 AI players and which ones are good, and the ones that don't play so good.

Make the game your own! You can create your own custom in-game avatar that will be seen by your online opponents to represent your own unique style and personality. You can also select your own card style, table style and game color scheme.

Game Features:
Cross Platform Multiplayer - Play and chat with your friends on any device!
Up to four players! Play vs. the computer or your friends
Computer opponents each have their own personality and playing style
Fully customizable personal avatars
You have the ability to zoom-in/out and adjust the layout of the cards.

Part of the Push Rummy Rules are shown below for reference. This rules are available in-game as well.

Players and Cards
Push Rummy by Nerdicus Rex is for two, three, or four players. Three standard packs of cards are used, including 6 jokers, making 162 cards in all. The jokers and twos are wild cards.

There are 8 rounds. Players are dealt 7 cards each hand but in each round, the number of cards required to go down, or meld, increases by one. During each hand, the object is to get rid of as many cards as possible from your hand by playing them to the table as melds. Once a player makes initial meld, he or she is then able to play off the melds of other players and continue to make new melds of their own. When one player gets rid of all their cards, the cards remaining in the other players hands score points against them. The player with the lowest total points after the final hand wins.

As in most rummy games, the possible melds are sets of equal cards and runs of consecutive cards in the same suit. Wild cards can be used as substitute for cards in a set or run.

A set consists of three or more cards of equal rank.

A run consists of three or more cards of the same suit in sequence.

Twos and jokers are wild and can be used in any set or run to represent any card.

In each deal, there is a minimum requirement for each player's initial meld, as follows:
Hand 1: 2 sets of three
Hand 2: 1 set of three, 1 run of four
Hand 3: 2 runs of four
Hand 4: 3 sets of three
Hand 5: 1 run of seven, 1 set of three
Hand 6: 2 runs of 4, 1 set of 3
Hand 7: 3 runs of 4
Hand 8: Lay everything down

There are two options:
1. If you decide you want the discard, simply pick it up and add it to your hand.
2. If you decide you dont want the discard, take the top card off of the stock pile and place it face down on the discard. This will push these two cards to the player on your left. They are required to take those cards. This is the move that gives the game the name Push. Once you push the cards to your opponent, you take the top card of the stock pile and add it to your hand.
Requirements: iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Requirements: No special requirements
Release Date: August 02, 2014
Platforms: iOS
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $1.99 USD Size: 58.8 MB
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