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Project Browser+ 4.3.95

  Date Added: April 13, 2007  |  Visits: 2.684
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Project Browser+
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The ProjectBrowser+ addin enhances the Visual Basic IDE with hundreds of features and capabilities either never before available in Visual Basic or enhanced to the point we feel, and so do many of our users, that Visual Basic should have been originally. With abilities to change the treeview of your project to your liking and save the view as a favorite that can be called with the click of a button, ProjectBrowser+ will give the you complete and total control over not only the functionality of your VB IDE but the look and feel as well.

This addin is intended to completely replace the existing Project Explorer and eliminate the need for the dropdown combo boxes in code windows to locate existing source or get to variable declarations. It will give you instant access to methods, properties, variables, constants, events, enums and types in code windows, and easy access to designer windows, property settings, related documents, resources, etc. Every piece of the IDE and your projects are gathered in one place with customizable views.

Features and benefits :
Every piece of the IDE and your projects are gathered in one place with customizable views that can be saved as favorites.
Quickly locate projects, components, members, controls, properties and more in your workspace with a fully configurable tree view.
You decide how much information, and at what level of detail, is presented in the treeview.
One click procedure implementing. ProjectBrowser+ option allows the auto insertion of an objects ‘help string’ into a procedure.
Live, visual Procedure Implemented icon. Procedures that are not yet implemented display a standard lightning bolt icon. Once a procedure has been implemented, you will see the icon changes to include a small light blue icon in addition to the lightning bolt telling you that particular procedure has now been implemented on the fly.
FULL project and group task management. Multiple programmer and network support enabled. Set individual tasks and assign them to different programmers. Tasks display in different colors for each programmer
Live source code encryption. Select full procedures or specific lines and encrypt them. Protect sensitive areas of source code from programmers not authorized to see certain information or protect login code, password code against prying eyes. Encrypted source stays in project exactly where it was written and is fully compile compatible. Now have group project coding and protect areas unauthorized programmers are not allowed to see without having to cut out code or duplicate files.
Fully customizable project printing (including color) with built in print preview. Multiple prints are also included like project printing, report printing, menu structures printing and more!
One click access to almost every aspect of your projects and code. Click on a tree node for the .vbp file and instantly know all of its stats, its location, version and more. Click on it again and it automatically opens in your editor of choice! View details for .frx files and other items that were always hard to access before.
Fully customizable toolbars. Multiple built in preset toolbars are built and one click accessible. But we have also given you the ability to create your own fully customized toolbar and have included hundreds of toolbar options, buttons and icons you can simply drag and drop for your favorite functionality.
Visually access every aspect of your project from its components down to local variables, full declarations, object procedures and more.
Access your projects code members from either a project component or codepane approach.
The Code Library offers an integrated approach to code management and enables source file importing including full GROUP management.
Easily insert commonly used code such as error handlers, select case and Code Library favorites.
Built in database management with auto-compact and repair and multi-user network support.
Auto-Project Backup with user settable timing
View detailed reports of your project from its properties to the number of lines of code.
View detailed information about the IDE environment as you are working on your projects.
Easily access every window in the IDE from a single list in the Windows collection.
View detailed properties of all of the registered Visual Basic addins.
Full SourceSafe awareness including multiple icon type display in tree view
History engine allowing you to move forward and backward within your projects. Move back in exact previous steps to areas already visited
One click code procedure copying. No more higlight and copy and paste. Click a button and entire procedure is copied and ready for paste automatically
Fully integrated wizard such as the Select Case wizard. Automatically reads ENUMS and displays contents. You select, it creates and previews and inserts for you!
New error handler insertion. Insert by procedure, by entire object level (an entire form) or project automatically! Smart in that it will recognize existing errhandler code and wrap around or bypass existing error handling.
FULL context sensitive help!
Built in Auto-Code-Indent tool. ProjectBrowser+ can parse your code and insert proper code indentation and formatting on the fly!
Global Error Handler Insert tool. ProjectBrowser+ can insert your error handlers by procedure or globally!
Integrates seamlessly within the Visual Basic IDE. Replaces or works with existing project explorer!
ProjectBrowser+ incorporates full user configurable options allowing printing of projects in the most detailed format you can imagine!
Powerful Project printing with user selectable options! Highlights any node in the project tree blue if you select individual nodes for printing its source code!
Project Task management using drag and drop methods! Highlights any node in the project tree display red if you have a task assigned!
Create snippet chunks with customizable variables and insert them with the click of a mouse!
Simply right click to insert error handlers, comments and code snippets into your code!
Reporting features that display the number of lines of code, number of variables, procedures and more!
Optional display of SET, LET and GET code procedures!
Displays all components - Forms, Modules, Classes, Variables, Events, procedures and more!
Line number insertion/deletion for error handling based on erl method!
Built in variable definition types or create your own!
Use hotkeys or the right mouse button menu for easy insertion or saving of your code. ProjectBrowser+ will do all the work with just a single click!
Flag locations in your code for instantaneous return!
Enhanced printing features which allow you to print your entire project structure. Selectable options make printing your project as basic or as detailed as you need.
Left click, right click.. setup ProjectBrowser+ any way you want. Fully customizable, ProjectBrowser+ can be configured in any viewable or usable way.
Need access to the .frx file or the .vbp file? Right click and it automatically opens in your favorite editor!
Need to drop a code snip in the database? Pick it up, drag it to the CodeBase and it will not only create the whole new entry for you, it will automatically format and list all variables, declarations and more right in front of you!
Everything is point and click and drag and drop. No more moving through numerous items, menus and applications. The new ProjectBrowser+ was enhanced to eliminate all the extra work!
Built in wizards with preview mode for creating Case and select statements, error handlers and more!
Designed to be faster with larger projects! Have a project with 200+ forms, 150 modules, 75 classes? ProjectBrowser+ will astound you with its speed!
Fully configurable options! Turn on and off what ever functions you do not want. Or for the full experience, turn all of it on!
'Tag for Printing' even allows you to selectively print your code and using Tag for only those routines you want to see!
New Intelli-Sync allows ProjectBrowser+ to automatically track your location within the project via the Project Explorer!
Task manager now incorporated into ProjectBrowser+. Set tasks per node by dragging and dropping. Nodes highlight red in the project window when a task is attached!
ProjectBrowser+ incorporates full Visual SourceSafe support! User selectable option allows you to enable or disable this feature!
Enhanced search capabilities now allow user select-ability for either keyword or exact match searches of code within the ProjectBrowser+ database!
New ability called 'Jump to Control' now allows Form pop-up highlighting the control or object you are looking for! Find hidden objects without having to move other objects around in your project! Or alternately set for code window pop-up! Based on user selectable setting, display the form OR the code window when you click on a node!
Customizable toolbar. Locate toolbar top, left, bottom or right or make it invisible!
Compile with line numbers option!
Insert Comments inside or outside your routines, User option selectable!
The latest innovative feature includes the ability to selectively 'Tag for Print' individual segments of code for printing - all with the click of your mouse. Now you can print your full project with full source code or your full project with only certain areas selected for code printing!
The ability to PRINT all and more of the same information you would find in the object browser! FULL OBJECT BROWSER DETAIL project printing!!
Enhanced printing features which allow you to print your entire project structure. Selectable options make printing your project as basic or as detailed as you need.
Now incorporates a powerful 16 level, 128 bit encryption engine that allows you to encrypt source code on the fly right in your design environment! Protect sensitive password and login source, protect proprietary information from unauthorized people. Project Browser+ adds special headers to the beginning and end of the selected lines you encrypt. It will always recognize your encrypted source - EVEN if you move it to an entirely different location in your project! Our design also automatically adds start and end comments so you always know exactly where open code vs encrypted code exists within your project.

Requirements: No special requirements
Release Date: June 18, 2006
Platforms: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Keyword: Add-in Addin Ide Project Explorer Vb Addin Vb6
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $129.95 USD Size: 1.88 MB
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