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ExConverter HD pro 1.1

Company: RockCat Studio Limited
Date Added: July 15, 2014  |  Visits: 103

ExConverter HD pro
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ExConverter is a powerful unit conversion tool, it supports up to 93 different units under 12 categories (length, area, weight etc..). Three major features: express conversion, easy-to-use and multi-unit conversion. *Support languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
* Pro version has no advertising banner, better usability and clear view.

Unit list:

- Millimeter (mm)
- Centimeter (cm)
- Meter (m)
- Kilometer (km)
- Inch (in)
- Foot (ft)
- Furlong (fur)
- Yard (yd)
- Mile (mile)

- Sq. Millimeter (mm?)
- Sq. Centimeter (cm?)
- Sq. Meter (m?)
- Sq. Kilometer (km?)
- Sq. Inch (in?)
- Sq. Foot (ft?)
- Sq. Yard (yd?)
- Sq. Mile (mile?)
- Acre (ac)

- Pound (lb)
- Ounce (oz)
- Tonne (t)
- Kilogram (kg)
- Gram (g)
- Milligram (mg)
- Carat (ct)
- Stone (st)
- Chinese-? (?)
- Chinese-? (?)
- Chinese-? (?)

- Liter (L)
- Milliliter (mL)
- Imperial-Gallon (gal)
- US-Gallon (gal)
- Imperial-Pint (pt)
- US-Pint (pt)
- Cup (c)
- Tablespoon (tbsp)
- Teaspoon (tsp)
- Petroleum-Barrel (bl)
- Cubic Centimeter (cm?)
- Cubic Meter (m?)
- Cubic Inch (in?)
- Cubic Foot (ft?)
- Cubic Yard (yd?)

- Celsius (C)
- Fahrenheit (F)
- Kelvin (K)
- Rankine (R)

- Second (s)
- Minute (min)
- Hour (h)
- Day (day)
- Week (week)
- Year (year)
- Millisecond (ms)
- Microsecond (?s)
- Nanosecond (ns)

- Degree ()
- Gradian (grad)
- Radian (rad)

- Byte (B)
- Kilobyte (kB)
- Megabyte (MB)
- Gigabyte (GB)
- Terabyte (TB)
- Petabyte (PB)
- Bit (b)
- Kilobit (kb)
- Megabit (Mb)
- Gigabit (Gb)
- Terabit (Tb)
- Petabit (Pb)

Body Fitness
- Calorie (cal)
- Kilocalorie (kcal)
- Joule (J)
- Kilojoule (KJ)
- Megajoule (MJ)

- Newton (N)
- Dyne (dyn)
- Kilogram-Force (kgf)
- Pound-Force (lbf)
- Poundal (pdl)

- Watt (W)
- Kilowatt (kW)
- Megawatt (MW)
- Metric Horsepower (hp)

- Pascal (Pa)
- Kilopascal (kPa)
- Megapascal (MPa)
- Bar (Bar)
- Torr (Torr)
- Pound/Sq. Inch (psi)
- Pound/Sq. Foot (psf)

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Requirements: No special requirements
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Platforms: iOS
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $0.99 USD Size: 8 MB
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