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101-in-1 Physics Solver 1.3.2

Company: Charles Vu
Date Added: May 10, 2011  |  Visits: 171

101-in-1 Physics Solver
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"Great App!!!!" - mtnlivn
"Very useful!" - ricosuavemente
"Excellent app! Would pay much more for it! :D" - Vaqas A Khan

For just $0.99 (US App Store), you get 101 physics solvers (actual calculators, not formulas) on topics ranging from Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Fluids & Solids, Waves, Optics, Atomic & Nuclear Physics, and Simple Harmonic Motion.

- 101 solvers covering a wide range of physics topics
- Add a solver to your favorites with just one tap
- Edit and organize your favorites list from the "Favorites" tab
- See your most recently viewed solvers from the "Recents" tab
- Check out your most viewed solvers from the "Most Viewed" tab
- Request solvers or send comments in-app using the "Contact Us" tab.

Kinematics and Forces (22 solvers)
1. Acceleration (dv/dt)
2. Centripetal Acceleration
3. Centripetal Force
4. Force (Newton's 2nd Law)
5. Gravitational Acceleration (g)
6. Gravitational Force
7. Inclined Plane Force
8. Inclined Plane Normal Force
9. Kinematics (vf^2 = v0^2 + 2ax)
10. Kinematics (vf=v0+at)
11. Kinematics (x = vt+0.5at^2)
12. Kinetic Friction
13. Omega = omega0 + at
14. Static Friction
15. Theta = omega*t + 1/2a*t^2
16. Omega^2 = Omega0^2 + 2*a*theta
17. Torque = I*alpha
18. Torque = rFsin(theta)
19. Vector Addition
20. Vector Subtraction
21. Velocity (dx/dt)
22. Weight (mg)

Work and Energy (12 solvers)
23. Angular Momentum
24. Angular Kinetic Energy
25. Gravitational Potential Energy
26. Impulse (Change in Momentum)
27. Impulse (Force*dt)
28. Kinetic Energy
29. Moment of Inertia
30. Momentum (Velocity)
31. Power (Force, Velocity)
32. Power (Work)
33. Work (Change in KE)
34. Work (Force x Distance)

Simple Harmonic Motion (8 solvers)
35. Pendulum Frequency
36. Pendulum Period
37. Spring Force
38. Spring Frequency
39. Spring Max Velocity
40. Spring Period
41. Spring Potential Energy
42. Spring Total Energy

Electricity and Magnetism (19 solvers)
43. Capacitance
44. Capacitance (Q = VC)
45. Capacitor Energy
46. Capacitor Parallel
47. Capacitor Series
48. Electric Field
49. Electric Field (from Force)
50. Electric Force
51. Electric Potential
52. Electric Potential Energy
53. Electric Power
54. I = dQ/dt
55. Magnetic Field of Long Wire
56. Magnetic Force (current)
57. Magnetic Force (moving charge)
58. Resistance Formula
59. Resistor Parallel
60. Resistor Series
61. Right-Hand Rule

Fluids and Solids (18 solvers)
62. Average Kinetic Energy (Gas)
63. Bernoulli's Law
64. Bulk Modulus
65. Buoyancy Force
66. Continuity Equation (Av = Av)
67. Density
68. Fluid Expansion
69. Hydraulic Press
70. Ideal Gas Law
71. Pascal's Law
72. Poiseuille's Law
73. Pressure = F/A
74. Q = mcdt
75. Q = mL
76. Shear Modulus
77. Specific Gravity
78. Volume Expansion
79. Young's Modulus

Light and Optics (11 solvers)
80. Beat Frequency
81. Doppler Effect
82. Focal Length For Spherical Mirror
83. Index of Refraction
84. Lensmaker Equation
85. Magnification Equation
86. Snell's Law
87. Sound Intensity
88. Thin Lens Equation
89. Total Internal Reflection
90. V = f*lambda

Atomic and Nuclear Physics (11 solvers)
91. Alpha decay
92. Beta-minus decay
93. Positron Emission
94. E = hf
95. E = mc^2
96. Electron Capture
97. Exponential Decay
98. Gamma decay
99. Half-Life Calculation
100. KE = hf work
101. Lambda = h/p
Requirements: iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Requirements: No special requirements
Release Date: May 10, 2011
Platforms: iOS
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Cost: $0.99 USD Size: 1.3 MB
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