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HUAWEI E220 Installer RC2

Company: mustakim
Date Added: November 07, 2013  |  Visits: 290

HUAWEI E220 Installer

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HUAWEI E220 Installer is a Linux installer for HUAWEI E220 USB modem. This is not for sale. You can change a password, phone dialer and username at /etc/wvdial.conf after installing a package. If you use this, you are agree that all fault it's not my responsible. Use this at your own risk. I has tested to x86, for other architecture such as amd etc, just try it and send me a comment at,<br /><br />1. After extract tar.gz file, change directories to the file and be the su@superuser@sudo. However, you can try both of them.<br /><br />Installation instructions:<br />For installation, firs you must be a root and run this command:<br /><br />make special <br />(for mandriva and sabayon)<br /><br />make install<br /><br />2.Dial wvdial huawei or sh /etc/ at terminal or use kppp to dial.<br /><br />3. I have test to 16 distro (top 20 distro at distrowatch) and it's work. But it doesn't work with FreeBSD, Mepis 5, gOS 2.0 Beta and Zenwalk 5.0<br /><br />4. For opensuse, copy and paste all of this at terminal. Dont forget to be a root first.<br /><br />tar xzvf lib.tar.gz*<br />cp 99-huawei.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/<br />cp /lib/udev/<br />mkdir -p /etc/chatscripts/<br />cp /etc/chatscripts/<br />cp huawei-e220 /etc/ppp/peers/<br />cp 10-huawei.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/<br />cp h3g /etc/ppp/peers/<br />cp /etc/<br />cp huawei /etc/ppp/peers/<br />cp /usr/sbin/<br />cp huawei-prep /etc/chatscripts/<br />cp huawei-prep-nopin /etc/chatscripts/<br />cp options /etc/ppp/<br />cp pap-secrets /etc/ppp/<br />cp chap-secrets /etc/ppp/<br />cp con/huawei /etc/chatscripts/<br />cp /etc/ppp/peers/<br />cp huaweiAktBbo-i386.out /usr/sbin/<br />cp wvdial /etc/ppp/peers/<br />cp con/wvdial /usr/bin<br />cp con/wvdialconf /usr/bin<br />mkdir -p /usr/man/<br />mkdir -p /usr/man/man1/<br />cp con/wvdial.1 /usr/man/man1<br />cp con/wvdialconf.1 /usr/man/man1<br />cp resolv.conf /etc/<br />cp wvdial.conf /etc<br />cp /etc<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />mv /usr/lib<br />cp huaweiAktBbo-i386.out /etc/<br />cp huaweiAktBbo-arm.out /etc/<br />chmod a+x /etc/huaweiAktBbo-i386.out<br />/etc/huaweiAktBbo-i386.out<br />cp huaweiAktBbo.c /etc/<br />chmod a+x /etc/huaweiAktBbo-arm.out<br />chmod a+x /etc/huaweiAktBbo.c<br />sh /etc/<br />sh /etc/<br /><br />Be a root and gedit/kate wvdial.conf at /etc/wvdial.conf. Transfer this text:<br /><br />#internet Dialer version 1.40<br />#created by Mustakim<br />#Written for the linux modem<br /># Change Log:<br />#<br /># Added support for HSDPA.<br /># Added Headers and version control.<br /><br />[Dialer Defaults]<br />Phone = *99# (or can be *99***4#)<br />Username = mustakim (or whatever)<br />Password = samsung (or whatever)<br />Stupid Mode = 1<br />Dial Command = ATDT<br /><br />[Dialer huawei]<br />Modem = /dev/ttyUSB0<br />Baud = 1800000<br />Init2 = ATZ<br />Init3 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0<br />ISDN = 0<br />Modem Type = Analog Modem<br />Init4 = AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet"<br /><br />List of Linux distribution that has been successfully tested:<br /><br />?*A* Opensuse 10.3, 11 Alpha 0-1-2<br />?*A* Fedora 7, 8, 9 Alpha<br />?*A* Mandriva 2008.0<br />?*A* Sabayon Mini 2007<br />?*A* Ubuntu 7.10 (64bit), 8.04 Alpha 1-4<br />?*A* Kubuntu 7.10<br />?*A* Mint Daryna<br />?*A* PclinuxOS 2007

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Alpha Change Distro Etcchatscriptscp Etcchmod Etccp Etcpppcp Etcppppeerscp Etcudevrulesdcp Huawei Huaweiaktbboi It039s Terminal Usrlibmv Usrmanman Usrsbincp Version Wvdial Wvdialconf
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