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Midgard Components Framework 8.09.8

Company: The Midgard Project
Date Added: July 07, 2013  |  Visits: 302

Midgard Components Framework

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Midgard is a persistent storage framework built for the replicated world. It enables developers build applications that have their data in sync between the desktop, mobile devices and web services. It also allows for easy sharing of data between users.<br /><br />Midgard does this all by building on top of technologies like GLib, libgda and D-Bus. It provides developers with object-oriented programming interfaces for C, PHP and Python.<br /><br />Web service developers also benefit from MidCOM, a modern MVC framework for PHP development that utilizes all the advantages of the Midgard storage framework. MidCOM helps web production also by shipping a set of content management tools.<br /><br />With Midgard, you can have your data everywhere, from mobile devices the web server. It enables peer-to-peer sharing of information, and makes it possible to have all the materials you need also when offline.<br /><br />Lodz, March 24th 2010 -- The Midgard Project has released the eighth maintenance release of Midgard 8.09 Ragnaroek LTS. Ragnaroek LTS is a Long Term Support version of the free software Content Management Framework.<br />Midgard is an industrial CMS built on top of a Content Repository and the LAMP stack. It provides object-oriented PHP APIs for developing and modifying website functionalities, and a PEAR-based system for installing new web components from a growing online library. Midgard has been running since 1999 on systems ranging from simple organizational websites to complex web communities and corporate management tools, in organizations like Aalto University, Nokia, Lufthansa, Poland International Fairs and CMS Watch.<br /><br />The stable 8.09.8 release is recommended for all users of Midgard.<br /><br />Main changes from 8.09.7:<br /><br /> * Usability of the on-site Midgard toolbar has been enhanced (#877, #1624)<br /> * Performance when using the MidCOM content cache has been improved (#1599, #1531, #1048, #1577 and #1584)<br /> * bundled jQuery javascript library has been upgraded to version 1.4.2 (#1596) and jQuery UI to 1.7.2 (#696)<br /> * PHP 5.3 compatibility on both php5-midgard (#1433) and MidCOM levels<br /> * Asgard now shows contextual helpers when creating Midgard templates (#1595)<br /> * Midgard is able to act as both OpenID provider (#1664) and consumer (#1709)<br /> * Fixed SQL errors in complex Query Builder queries (#1625)<br /> * Fixed midgard_connection environment settings in Apache environment (#1689)<br /> * midcom.helper.datamanager was deprecated in favor of datamanager2 (#930) and will be removed in 8.09.9 (#1715)<br /> * Updated OpenPSA packages (#1655)<br /><br /><br />In total more than 150 feature requests or bugs have been handled in this release. See the Midgard issue tracker for a full list.<br />Binary packages<br />The Midgard Project provides binary packages that are ready to install for most popular Linux distributions. This includes various versions of Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL and openSUSE. See the full list:<br /><br /><br /><br />Distribution-specific installation instructions can be found from the Midgard documentation site.<br />Source downloads<br /><br /><br />Instructions for building Midgard from the sources can be found from the Midgard documentation site.<br />Getting started<br />On a typical Linux distribution setting up Midgard is quite trivial. Simply add the Midgard repository to your configuration, and then run:<br /># apt-get update<br /># apt-get install midgard-data<br /># datagard<br /><br />After this you should have a running Midgard server. Simply access it with the browser and follow the instructions provided on the Midgard Getting Started guide:<br /><br />Issue tracker & getting help<br />See the Midgard issue tracker for currently open issues and planned enhancements.<br /><br /><br />If you need help with your Midgard setup, the #midgard IRC channel on freenode is the best place to start. There is also an user mailing list.<br />More information<br />Piotr Pokora, Midgard release manager<br />piotrek.pokora(at)<br /><br />Henri Bergius, Midgard bug master<br />henri.bergius(at)<br /><br />The Midgard Project<br />

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Platforms: *nix, Linux
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