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django-reporter 0.1

Company: Brandon Konkle
Date Added: August 26, 2013  |  Visits: 284


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Django-reporter<br /><br />A Django application to create automated email reports in .csv format. It includes a management command that is intended to be invoked periocically from cron.<br />Installation<br /><br />To install:<br /><br />pip install django-reporter<br /><br />Then add reporter to your INSTALLED_APPS:<br /><br />INSTALLED_APPS = (<br /> ...<br /> 'reporter',<br />)<br /><br />Also, make sure the email settings for your project are correct.<br />Creating Reports<br /><br />Similar to Django's admin app, reports are created within files inside your installed applications. Inside each should be at least one report that subclasses the reporter.BaseReport class. After the subclass is defined, use the reporter.register() function to register the report. Your subclass should define at least two attributes and implement a few methods, detailed below. Review the file for an example of a simple report.<br />Required Attributes<br /><br />A basic report should have a docstring (which is shown with the --list-all option on the management command), and needs at least two attributes, name, and frequencies.<br /><br />For example, the sample report starts out with:<br /><br />class AdminLogReport(reporter.BaseReport):<br /> """<br /> Send full admin log info for the day, broken down by user<br /> """<br /> name = 'admin_log'<br /> frequencies = ['daily']<br /><br />name<br /><br />The name of the report, used when invoking the report management command.<br />frequencies<br /><br />The frequencies that this report is available for.<br />Built-in Attributes<br /><br />The base class automatically sets a number of attributes that are available in the subclass.<br />frequency<br /><br />The requested frequency of the report. This can be used to determine the correct date range to filter for in your report.<br />date<br /><br />The requested date for the report. Defaults to today if no date is provided.<br />tomorrow<br /><br />The requested date plus 1 day.<br />one_week<br /><br />The requested date minus 7 days.<br />one_month<br /><br />The requested date minus 32 days.<br />args<br /><br />A list of additional arguments passed on to the report from the management command.<br />Methods<br /><br />These methods are required to be implemented in your subclass in order to generate reports.<br />get_default_recipients<br /><br />This method is called by the base class's send_results method. It provides the default recipients for the email, which is used if the recipients are not overridden by the --recipients option on the management command. This should return a list of strings containing the email address of each recipient.<br />get_email_subject<br /><br />This method is also called by the base class's send_results method. It provides the subject line for the email that is sent. It should return a string.<br />get_data<br /><br />This is the method that the base class calls to retrieve the data that should be converted to csv and sent through email. This should return a list of rows, each row consisting of a list of fields.<br /><br />For example, in the sample admin_log report, a header row is defined at the top of the get_data method:<br /><br />data = [['Username', 'Time', 'Action', 'Content Type', 'ID', 'Name']]<br /><br />Then, for each row of data, a list of data within those fields is appended:<br /><br />data.append([log.user, time, actions[log.action_flag],<br />, log.object_id, obj_name])<br /><br />Registration<br /><br />Once the report is defined in the file, it's ready to be registered. The sample report registers its class at the bottom of the file:<br /><br />reporter.register(AdminLogReport)<br /><br />Running Reports<br /><br />To run reports, use the report management command.<br /><br />Usage:<br /><br />report [options] FREQUENCY REPORT_NAME [REPORT ARGS]<br /><br />Valid frequencies are "daily", "weekly", and "monthly". By default, the reports are emailed to the report's default recipients. This can be overridden through the --recipients option. Additional arguments after the report name will be passed to the report.<br />Options<br />-V, --view<br /><br />Send the data to stdout instead of emailing or saving to a file.<br />-f FILE, --filename=FILE<br /><br />Instead of emailing the results, save them to the provided filename.<br />-r RECIPIENTS, --recipients=RECIPIENTS<br /><br />Override the default recipients for the report. Seperate each email address with a comma. Do not use spaces.<br />-l, --list-all<br /><br />List all available reports, and then exit.<br />-d YYYY-MM-DD, --date=YYYY-MM-DD<br /><br />Provide a date to run the report for.<br /><br />#md5=ad2503b144a87a8befe1062acd3358f7

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Attributes Class Command Default Defined Django Django Reporter Email Frequencies Management Method Option Recipients Report Reporter Reports Reportspy Requested Sample Subclass
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