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Yudit 2.9.0

Company: Gaspar Sinai
Date Added: July 23, 2013  |  Visits: 194


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Yudit is a free Unicode plain-text editor for Unix-like systems. It is primarily targeted for Linux, but a version is also provided for Windows and MacOS-X. It was developed in the early days of Unicode on Linux, back in 1997. Limitations in development time resulted in being minimal while remaining useful.<br /><br />This editor does not use external libraries, except for the C library and a minimal set of windowing functions. This has helped to make a quick port to platforms where there was no multilingual support. This is also the reason why Yudit looks so ... unique :).<br /><br />Nowadays, fortunately, Linux has better and better Unicode support, so it might be easy to build an editor on top of Qt or GTK/Pango. Still, you might find Yudit useful if you want to dig deeper into Unicode text. You can also add a new script if you are willing to look at Yudit's c++ source code, which, while needing a complete rewrite, has everything in one place. <br /><br />Features<br /><br /> Kinput2/SCIM/IBus or any X11 Input Method support.<br /> Built-in handwriting recognition support.<br /> Keymaps based on English transliteration. Yudit comes with more than 100 transliteration maps contributed by Yudit users from all over the World.<br /> Keyboard input maps can be used as text converters. This means that you can make instant transliterations of your scripts. If the transliterations is reversible, it is possible to read it back get the original text back.<br /> Various local encodings can also be converted to Unicode. The recommended encoding is UTF-8.<br /> Menu translations are available in 31 languages.<br /> FAQ is available in 16 languages.<br /> Built-in printing support. High quality and locale independent postscript is generated.<br /> Direct True Type / Open Type font support. Yudit does not need X11 TTF support to show your text.<br /> A mixture of X11 fonts/True Type fonts of any encoding can be used as a single Unicode fontset.<br /> Unlinimted undo/redo.<br /> Overstriking and OTF composing-character support.<br /> 31-bit Unicode support. You are not limited to the 17 planes of UTF-16.<br /> Drag-and-Drop (xdnd and Dnd) support.<br /> Full bidirectional text support.<br /> Hangul Jamos with mslvt encoder (hardwired for ogulim.ttf) and X11 fonts<br /> Arabic, Syriac,... shaping support.<br /> Indic scripts: Tamil,Devanagari,Bengali,Gujarati,Gurmukhi,Oriya,Malayalam,Kannada and Telugu.<br /> Hungarian Runes (Rov?*?Zs?*A*r?*?Zs) support in Private Use Area.<br /> External spell-checker (Hunspell) support via highlighting.<br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Converted Direct Encoding Encodings Languages Printing Quality Recommended Translations
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 2.7 MB
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