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RText for Linux 1.5.0

Company: Robert Futrell
Date Added: November 24, 2013  |  Visits: 293

RText for Linux

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The goal of RText is to create a complete, fully-featured text editor (designed primarily for programmers, but can be used by anyone) that can run on any platform. Originally designed to be a Windows Notepad clone, RText has grown into much more than that. <br /><br />Syntax Highlighting<br /><br />RText currently supports syntax highlighting for the following languages:<br /><br /> * Assembler (X86)<br /> * BBCode<br /> * C<br /> * C++<br /> * C#<br /> * CSS<br /> * Delphi<br /> * Fortran<br /> * Groovy<br /> * HTML<br /> * Java<br /> * javascript<br /> * JSP<br /> * Lua<br /> * Perl<br /> * PHP<br /> * Properties Files<br /> * Python<br /> * Ruby<br /> * SAS<br /> * Scala<br /> * SQL<br /> * Tcl<br /> * UNIX shell scripts<br /> * Windows batch<br /> * XML<br /><br />Editor<br /><br /> * Multiple fonts simultaneously - Different token types can use different fonts and styles<br /> * Bracket matching - Useful for quickly scoping a block of code<br /> * Macro record/playback - Automate common editing tasks you do repeatedly<br /> * Drag-and-drop - Easily move code around in your document, or even into another application<br /> * Spell Checking - Spell check plain text documents and comments of source code.<br /> * Bookmarking - Mark and quickly navigate to important sections of code.<br /> * Mark Occurrences - Easily see the scope and usage of a variable or method.<br /> * Code templates - Create shortcut key sequences for common coding constructs such as for-loops.<br /> * Unlimited undo/redo - Don't worry about making a mistake with the handy smart undo & redo.<br /> * File encodings supported - Edit and save files in ASCII, Unicode, or any other encoding supported by your JVM.<br /> * Current line highlighting - Allows you to quickly locate your position in a source file.<br /> * Margin line - Useful for keeping your lines from being too long, if you're into that kind of thing.<br /><br />User Interface<br /><br /> * Drag-and-drop files from the desktop to open them<br /> * Edit multiple documents simultaneously, using a (tabbed view or traditional MDI)<br /> * Find/Replace, with full regular expression support<br /> * Find in Files and Replace in Files<br /> * External Tool Support for running things such as compilers, Ant, etc.<br /> * Task List highlights your TODO items in source code comments<br /> * Printing and Print Preview, for when you need a hard copy<br /> * Auto-reload of files when they are modified outside of editor<br /> * Customizable keyboard shortcuts makes using the editor a little more comfortable<br /> * Completely customizable UI - change the toolbar's icon set, the application's look and feel, the colors and fonts used in the editor, what buttons are visible on the toolbar, etc.<br /> * Comprehensive Help documentation comes with the application<br /> * Cross-platform - runs anywhere there is a JVM<br /> * Localized into 15 languages

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Application Comments Common Documents Draganddrop Easily Editor Files Fonts Highlighting Languages Quickly Rtext Simultaneously Source Spell Windows
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 4.66 MB
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