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Mguesser 0.4

Company: Alexander Barkov
Date Added: August 04, 2013  |  Visits: 328


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WHAT'S THIS?<br /><br />mguesser is a standalone part of libmnogosearch (a core of mnogo search engine which allows to guess character set and language of a text file.<br /><br />mguesser is implemented using "N-Gram-Based Text Categorization" technique which is implemented in TextCat language guesser written in Perl ( mguesser is significantly faster than TextCat especially on large texts.<br /><br />This package consist of C written N-gram based algorithms as well as a number of maps for texts in various languages and character sets. Take a look into "maps" directory of this package to check the currently supported languages and character sets.<br />INSTALLATION<br /><br /> * Download source package from<br /> * Unpack the distribution<br /> * Change directory to the unpacked distribution, then type "make". <br /><br />By default, mguesser will seek for language maps in "maps" subdirectory of the current directory. You can change the default language map location in Makefile by redefining the "-DLMDIR" value.<br />USAGE<br /><br />mguesser takes a plain text data to STDIN. Note that other "almost text" formats like HTML will return bad results. In later releases I'll possibly add a command line switch to tell mguesser that the input data is HTML. mguesser works fine for texts with size starting from 500 bytes and longer. Shorter texts are guessed not so well.<br /><br />To guess language and character set of some text file use:<br /><br /> mguesser < text_file<br /><br />mguesser will display how much your file corresponds to various language maps in the order of quality. mguesser returns values between 0 and 1.<br /><br />You can also display a specified number of the best results using -n command line switch. For example, this command will display 3 best results:<br /><br /> mguesser -n3 < text_file<br /><br />To make mguesser load language maps from a non-default directory, use:<br /><br /> mguesser -d/path/to/maps/<br /><br />To load language maps from multiple directories, use a colon separated list:<br /><br /> mguesser -d/path/to/maps1/:/path/to/maps2/:/path/to/maps3/<br /><br />To create a new language map, use:<br /><br /> mguesser -p -c charset -l language < text_file<br /><br />When executed with -p command line parameter, mguesser creates a new language map built on text_file and prints it to STDOUT. Please note that to create a high quality language map, the source text file should be large enough. A 500 Kb text is usually enough to produce a high quality map.<br /><br />You can also include these files into your own applications. Take a look into main() function which is located in the guesser.c to check the order of guesser functions calls.<br />TODO<br /><br /> * Make it possible to guess other than text formats: HTML, XML<br /> * Implement various command line switches to choose output format <br /><br />Alexander Barkov <>

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Character Command Directory Display Guess Language Languages Large Mguesser Number Package Quality Quotmapsquot Results Switch Texts
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 143.36 KB
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