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PTML 0.4.0

Company: Niall Smart
Date Added: September 06, 2013  |  Visits: 249


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PTML is a Python module which lets you embed Python code in text documents. Its most common application is dynamic content generation on web servers, however it can be used anywhere you need to generate text files on-the-fly.<br /><br />The project is still at a very early stage, although the code should be usable enough for you to learn the syntax and experiment with possible applications. Future directions are briefly listed in the TODO file, suggestions and contributions are most welcome. <br /><br />PTML lets you embed Python?*A* code in text documents.<br /><br />The rules are very simple:<br /><br /> * text may contain expression fields starting with dollar sign and opening brace (${) and ending with closing brace (})<br /> * lines starting with percent sign (%) are Python code lines<br /> * line containing nothing but single percent sign ends Python structural block (decreases indent level)<br /> * starts Python code block. All lines until closing line are processed as Python code lines.<br /> * starts verbatim text block. PTML markup has no effect until closing line.<br /> * all other text of a template is copied to template output.<br /><br />Example template:<br /><br />%import time<br />Current time is ${time.ctime()}<br /><br /><br />SCORES = (<br /> ("St Stephan", 29.9),<br /> ("Richard III", 29.3),<br /> ("Jean D'arc", 29.1),<br /> ("Marat", 29.0),<br /> ("A. Lincoln (U.S of A)", 28.2),<br /> ("G. Khan", 28.1),<br /> ("King Edward VII", 3.1),<br />)<br /><br />You can see the scores now:<br /><br />%for name, score in SCORES:<br /> ${"%22s" % name} : ${score}<br />%<br /><br />Output produced by above template:<br /><br />Current time is Sat Dec 03 18:03:58 2005<br /><br />You can see the scores now:<br /><br /> St Stephan : 29.9<br /> Richard III : 29.3<br /> Jean D'arc : 29.1<br /> Marat : 29.0<br /> A. Lincoln (U.S of A) : 28.2<br /> G. Khan : 28.1<br /> King Edward VII : 3.1

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Block Brace Closing Edward Embed Level Lincoln Lines Ltpythongt Lttextgt Percent Python Quotst Scores Starting Starts Stephanquot Template Templateimport
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 40.96 KB
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