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CharEntry 1.7

Company: Bill Poser
Date Added: November 08, 2013  |  Visits: 294


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CharEntry is a tool for inserting non-ascii characters into text, with particular emphasis on linguistic notation.<br /><br />CharEntry provides charts of the consonants, vowels, and diacritics of the International Phonetic Alphabet as well as chart of precomposed accented characters. Clicking on a character inserts it into a text region, the contents of which may be saved to a file or copied and pasted elsewhere.<br /><br />A widget for inserting characters by Unicode codepoint is also provided. Furthermore, it is possible to read from a file the definition of a custom character chart. Here is an Armenian chart constructed from the definition in a file.<br /><br />Title(|Columns)(|Font Family)(|Font Size)<br /><br />followed by one line for each entry in the chart, each line consisting of a set of characters followed by a gloss, separated by a | symbol. The set of characters is of the form:<br /><br />U+(:U+)<br /><br />where U represents a Unicode codepoint with u escape, e.g. u00E9. If the colon is present, it separates two alternative character strings. The first character string will be inserted by a left-click; the second alternative will be inserted by a right-click.<br /><br />GreekLower defines a chart for the lower-case Greek letters only. Clicking on a button with the left mouse button inserts the character into the current insertion target.<br /><br />Armenian illustrates a more complex chart definition. It defines a chart that covers both the upper- and lower-case Armenian letters. Clicking the left mouse button over a button inserts the first alternative for that button. Clicking the right mouse button inserts the second alternative. The two alternatives are separated by a colon in the definition. Thus, in the first entry:<br /><br />u0561:u0531|ayb<br /><br />the pipe separates the characters from the gloss:<br /><br />u0561:u0531 | ayb<br /><br />while the colon separates the first alternative, u0561, from the second, u0531:<br /><br />u0561 : u0531<br /><br />These character widget definitions are of the form required for use in separate files. To use one directly within an init file, you must do two things:<br /><br />(a) Prefix to them the line "DefineCharacterChart {";<br />(b) Suffix to them the line "}";<br /><br />For example, here is a suitable init file command for creating a lower-case Greek alphabet chart:<br /><br />DefineCharacterChart {<br />Greek|6<br />u03B1|alpha<br />u03B2|beta<br />u03B3|gamma<br />u03B4|delta<br />u03B5|epsilon<br />u03B6|zeta<br />u03B7|eta<br />u03B8|thetafile:///root/Desktop/ArmenianCustom.jpg<br />u03B9|iota<br />u03BA|kappa<br />u03BB|lamda<br />u03BC|mu<br />u03BD|nu<br />u03BE|xi<br />u03BF|omicron<br />u03C0|pi<br />u03C1|rho<br />u03C3|sigma<br />u03C2|final sigma<br />u03C4|tau<br />u03C5|upsilon<br />u03C6|phi<br />u03C7|chi<br />u03C8|psi<br />u03C9|omega<br />u03DD|digamma<br />u03DE|koppa<br />u03E1|sampi<br />}

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Alternative Button Character Characters Charentry 1 7 Chart Clicking Codepoint Colon Defines Definition Greek Inserted Inserts Letters Lowercase Mouse Separates Unicode
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 51.2 KB
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