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text-hr 0.17

Company: Robert Lujo
Date Added: December 03, 2013  |  Visits: 540


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text-hr is Morphological/Inflection Engine for Croatian language written in Python programming language. Includes stopwords and Part-Of-Speech tagging engine (POS tagging) based on inverse inflection algorithm for detection.<br /><br />Since API is not still freezed, this project is still in alpha.<br /><br />TAGS<br /><br /> Croatian language, python, natural language processing (NLP), Part-of-speech (POS) tagging, stopwords, inverse inflection, morphological lexicon<br /><br />FEATURES<br /><br />To name the most important are:<br /><br /> * inflection system - for producing all forms of one word<br /> * detection of word types (POS tagging) - from existing list of word forms<br /> * list of stopwords<br /><br />System is based on unicode strings, default codepage to convert from and to string is cp-1250.<br /><br />Check Getting started.<br /><br />INSTALLATION<br /><br />Installation instructions - if you have installed pip package<br /><br />pip install text-hr<br /><br />If not, then old-fashioned way:<br /><br /> * download zip from<br /> * unzip<br /> * open shell<br /> * go to distribution directory<br /> * python install<br /><br />GETTING STARTED<br /><br />There are three important parts that this project provides:<br /><br /> * Inflection system - for producing all forms of one word<br /> * Detection of word types (POS tagging) - from existing list of word forms<br /> * List of stopwords<br /><br />Inflection system<br /><br />Usage example - start python shell:<br /><br />> python<br />>>> from text_hr.verbs import Verb<br />>>> v = Verb("platiti")<br />>>> for k in sorted(v.forms.keys()):<br />... print k, v.forms[k]<br />...<br />AOR/P/1 [u'platismo']<br />AOR/P/2 [u'platiste']<br />AOR/P/3 [u'platiu0161e']<br />AOR/S/1 [u'platih']<br />AOR/S/2 [u'plati']<br />AOR/S/3 [u'plati']<br />IMP/P/1 [u'platasmo', u'plau0107asmo', u'platijasmo']<br />IMP/P/2 [u'plataste', u'plau0107aste', u'platijaste']<br />IMP/P/3 [u'platahu', u'plau0107ahu', u'platijahu']<br />...<br />VA_PA//P_O+S+V+N [u'plau0107eno']<br />X_INF// [u'platiti']<br />X_VAD_PAS// [u'plativu0161i']<br />X_VAD_PRE// [u'plateu0107i']<br />X_VAD_PRE// [u'plateu0107i']<br /><br />Detection of word types (POS tagging)<br /><br />TODO: to be done - check test_detect.txt for samples, and for the logic:<br /><br />first example in test_detect.txt:<br /><br />>>> from text_hr.detect import WordTypeRecognizerExample<br />>>> def test_it(word_list, word_types_filter=None, level=2):<br />... wdh = WordTypeRecognizerExample(word_list, silent=True)<br />... if not word_types_filter is None:<br />... wdh.detect(word_types_filter=word_types_filter, level=level) # e.g. word_types_filter=["N"]<br />... else:<br />... wdh.detect(level=level) # all word types<br />... lines_file = LinesFile()<br />... wdh.dump_result(lines_file) # doctest: +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE +ELLIPSIS<br />... print "n".join(lines_file.lines)<br />... return wdh<br /><br />>>> class LinesFile(object):<br />... def __init__(self):<br />... self.lines = []<br />... def write(self, s):<br />... self.lines.append(repr(s.rstrip()))<br /><br />>>> word_list = [<br />... "Broj 84"<br />... , "broji 34"<br />... , "Brojila 28"<br />... , "broje 23"<br />... , "broje?*a*?i 22"<br />... , "brojim 7"<br />... , "brojimo 5"<br />... , "broji?*?Z 4"<br />... , "brojahu 2"<br />... , "broja?*?Ze 1"<br />... , "brojite 1"<br />... , "-brijestovu 1"<br />... , "brijestovi 1" #the only one checked with endswith, but all other will be checked with get_freq<br />... , "-brijestove 1"<br />... , "-brijestova 1"<br />... ]<br /><br />Lowest quality, but fastest<br />>>> wdh = test_it(word_list, level=4) # doctest: +ELLIPSIS<br />" 10/ 183 -> brojati (u'V-XX_-_JATI-je\u0107i-0') 84/broj,34/broji,23/broje,22/brojexe6i,7/brojim,5/brojimo,4/brojix9a,2/brojahu,1/brojite,1/brojax9ae"<br /><br />List of stopwords<br /><br />TODO: to be simplified and explained in details. this is not tested.<br /><br />Something like:<br /><br />from text_hr import word_types<br /><br />word_types_list = None<br />for wordobj, l_key, cnt, _suff_id, wform_key, wform in word_types.get_all_std_words(word_types_list):<br /> if not (wordobj==wordobj_old and l_key==l_key_old):<br /> wordobj_data["value_base"] = wordobj<br /> l_key_flds = l_key.split("#")<br /> # wordobj l_key wform_key form<br /> # ondje FX#ADV#MJE.GDJE ''<br /> # one CH#PRON.OSO# #P/3F#|A#1 'njih'<br /> assert len(l_key_flds)==3, l_key_flds<br /> is_changeable = (l_key_flds[0]=="CH")<br /> print "word_type", l_key_flds[1]<br /> print "subtype", l_key_flds[2]<br /><br /> assert wordobj_obj<br /> # TODO:<br /> # if wform:<br /> # raise NotImplementedError("now wordforms don't hold wf/key, but wf/cnt - it is reduced. Here this is not implemented!!!")<br /><br />Further<br /><br />Since there is currently no good documentation, the best source of further information is by reading tests inside of modules and tests in tests directory (dev version). More information in Running tests. And you can allways read a source.<br /><br />DOCUMENTATION<br /><br />Sorry but currently there is no good documentation. In progress ...<br /><br />SUPPORT<br /><br />Since this project is limited with my free time, support will be limited.<br /><br />REPORT BUG OR REQUEST FEATURE<br /><br />If you encounter bug, the best is to report it to bitbucket web page<br /><br />If there will be an interest for development for other inflection rich languages, I'd be glad to decouple language specific code and create new project that will be capable to deal with multiple languages.<br /><br />The best way to contact me is by mail (find in LICENCE).<br /><br />TODO list is in readme.txt (dev version).<br /><br />CONTRIBUTION<br /><br />Since this project is not currently in the stable API phase, contribution should wait for a while.<br /><br />RUNNING TESTS<br /><br />All tests are doctests (not unittests). There are three type of tests in the package:<br /><br /> 1. doctests in each module - e.g. in<br /> 2. doctests in tests/test_*.txt - only development version<br /> 3. tests which are not automatically compared - i.e. in special call mode can produce output file which needs to be compared manually with some existing file. Such test(s) are very slow. This needs to be changed to be automatic.<br /><br />Running each module directly will run 1. and 2. if running from development version. To get development version To use development version (<br /><br />hg clone<br /><br />create text_hr.pth in python site-packages directory with path to text-hr e.g.:<br /><br />r:hg-clonespythontext-hr<br /><br />To run all tests:<br /><br /> * go to tests directory<br /> * run like (with sample output):<br /><br /> > python<br /> testing module __init__<br /> testing module adjectives<br /> ...<br /> testing module word_types<br /> testing textfile R:hg-clonespythontext-hrteststest_adj.txt<br /> ...<br /> testing textfile R:hg-clonespythontext-hrteststest_verbs_type.txt<br /><br />To run tests for just one module:<br /><br /> * goto text_hr directory<br /> * run tests by running module, e.g.:<br /><br /> > py<br /> __main__: running doctests<br /> ..teststest_pronouns.txt: running doctests<br /><br /> * in the case you're not running from dev version, you'll get output like this:<br /><br /> > py<br /> __main__: running doctests<br /> ..teststest_pronouns.txt: Not found, skipping<br /><br /><br />#md5=c5e00de08d0b465a1624028c17cc29d0

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Development Directory Doctests Existing Forms Hr Inflection Language Module Print Project Python Quot Running Tagging Testing Tests Text Types Version
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