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Gnome15 0.7.2

Company: Brett Smith
Date Added: July 09, 2013  |  Visits: 240


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Gnome15 provides a panel indicator (or applet), configuration tool, macro system and plugin framework for the Logitech G series keyboards, including the G15 and G19. The intention is to provide the best integration with the Linux desktop possible, using the standard protocols and libraries where appropriate.<br /><br />Features<br />General<br /><br /> Automatically cycle through screens (configurable).<br /> Supports multiple simultaneous devices.<br /> System tray, Panel Applet or Indicator icon to control your keyboard and Gnome15.<br /> Cycle through screens using the mouse wheel over (panel applet only).<br /> Extendable through the use of Python plugins, DBUS and SVG themes. See the Clock Plugin Tutorial and other documentation for more information<br /> Logitech G keyboard emulator to allow development of plugins without real hardware<br /> Depending on the model, you will be able to set the keyboard backlight level or colour, as well as the LCD brightness, background colour and foreground colour.<br /> Cycle though the backlight level using left / right mouse wheel (when present, panel applet only).<br /> Detects user switching and shuts down service for inactive user, re-activating it when the user is active again.<br /><br /> <br />Macros<br /><br /> Macro Recorder feedback is provided on LCD, allow recording without opening any windows.<br /> Multiple macro profiles may be configured, with Gnome15 automatically switching between them when the currently focused window changes.<br /> Plugin to display current macro summary. Each macro may be assigned a name, which is displayed on the LCD along with the key it is mapped to.<br /> Assign macros to all G-keys in any of the three memory banks (M1 - M3). Assign keyboard backlight colors to each bank (G19 only).<br /> Icons may be assigned to profiles.<br /> Assign keyboard backlight colors to macro profiles and memory banks.<br /> Run commands, send simple macros or create macro scripts.<br /><br />Plugins<br /><br /> Stopwatch. Provides dual timers, each of which may be set to stopwatch mode or countdown mode.<br /> Webcam. Monitor V4L devices such as webcams on your keyboard's LCD. G19 only.<br /> G15Daemon. Available only on the G19, this is a network server compatible with the g15daemon protocol. This allows you to use g15daemon compatible scripts and applications on a G19 such as g15stats, g15composer, mumble, etc.<br /> Processes. Lists all running processes and allows you to kill them. You may switch between running applications, user processes or all processes.<br /> LCDBiff. POP3/IMAP email checker. An alternative to the Indicator Messages plugin if your system does not use indicators. Supports multiple accounts, SSL, displays summary of total unread emails in each account.<br /> Menu. Displays list of available screens and allows selection. Activated by the MENU key on the G19, or L2 on the G15.<br /> Impulse15. Port of the Impulse screenlet and desktop widget. Adds a spectrum analyser.<br /> Panel. Reserves an area at the bottom of the LCD for other plugins to add miniature components that are always available.<br /> Clock. Simple demonstration plugin.<br /> Cairo Clock. For the G19 only, a port of MacSlow's Cairo Clock. It renders any Cairo Clock theme on the LCD.<br /> Notify LCD. A notify-osd replacement for notifications. NOTE, this plugin currently tries to kill the 'notify-osd' process and take over notifications before notify-osd can restart. This doesn't always work. I will look for a better solution, but in the mean time, try killing your notification daemon manually before starting this plugin.<br /> Calendar. Integrates with Evolution to show a highlighted month calendar, and todays events. You can scroll though the calendar using the extended keys.<br /> RSS reader. Supports multiple feeds and formats.<br /> Screensaver. Detects when screensaver becomes active and dims the keyboard and displays a message. Warn off your foes!<br /> Indicator Me. Shows your current IM status (Ubuntu only).<br /> Indicator Messages. Shows all current waiting messages (email, broadcast, chat, Ubuntu Only)<br /> Mounts. Shows available mounts, allows mount / unmount / eject<br /> IM. Shows IM contact list (currently works with Telepathy based clients such as Empathy)<br /> Volume monitor. Displays volume gauge when it changes. Currently uses Python ALSA bindings.<br /> Weather. Displays current outlook, temperature, and 4 day forecast. Uses Google weather API.<br /> System Monitor. Displays current CPU, Network and Memory summary.<br /> TweakGnome15. Allows changing some hidden settings.<br /> Media Player. Displays current track information, progress and cover art. Supports any player that supports the MPRIS protocol (v1 or v2). This includes Rhythmbox, Banshee, Audacious, XMMS2 and more.<br /> Special effect. Adds two effects for cycling through screens, a slide effect and a fade effect. Due to the nature of the G15 monochrome LCD, the fade effect is more of a 'disolve', but it's quite cool anyway :)<br /> Wallpaper. Display any background image on the LCD.<br /> Video player. Currently requires mplayer to be installed and is quite intensive. It works by having mplayer generate JPEG images which Gnome15 loads. It was written to prove the G15 could handle video fast enough, so the eventual aim is to change this to provide a GStreamer sink connected to the LCD<br /><br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Desktop Integration Intention Libraries Linux Provide
Users rating: 0/10

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