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snes9x-gtk 79

Company: Brandon Wright
Date Added: June 09, 2013  |  Visits: 348


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snes9x-gtk is a GTK port of the Super Nintendo Emulator, Snes9x. It has a full featured GUI, working netplay, controller support, OpenGL or Xvideo rendering plus much more.<br /><br />Building Instructions:<br /><br />Building from Patch<br /><br />Extract the patch tarball over your extracted copy of the Snes9x source. Then from the source directory run:<br /><br /> snes9x-1.51-src$ patch -p1 < snes9x-gtk.diff<br /> snes9x-1.51-src$ autoconf<br /><br />Continue building from source.<br /><br />Building from Source<br /><br />Run the configure script from the source directory with the --with-gtk flag. If you want OpenGL support, also add the --with-opengl flag. For example:<br /><br /> snes9x-1.51-src$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-gtk --with-opengl<br /><br />You can also add whatever other flags you like.<br /><br />Depending on where your OS puts certain things, and if you've built some dependencies from source, you may need to specify some pkg-config paths. If you experience errors, use a configure command like this instead:<br /><br /> snes9x-1.51-src$ PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig" ./configure --with-gtk --with-opengl<br /><br />Then run 'make'<br /><br /> snes9x-1.51-src$ make<br /><br />This'll produce a snes9x-gtk executable file in the source directory. Copy it, run it, whatever. If you want to install everything, execute the following with super-user privileges:<br /><br /> snes9x-1.51-src# make install<br /><br />Notes:<br /><br />Generally, it works like Snes9x does. If you can't find an option in the relatively simple GUI, you can use the same command-line arguments as you normally would in, for example, the unix port.<br /><br />OSS/ALSA issue with PortAudio<br /><br />If PortAudio is built with ALSA support, ALSA will need to be installed to function. If you use OSS only and have removed some ALSA packages from your system, you will need to make sure PortAudio isn't compiled with ALSA support. See<br /><br />Joystick Support<br /><br />Previously, this port used libjsw for joystick support. As it turns out, libjsw supports very few operating systems, so I switched to SDL. libjsw will mess with your kernel joystick calibration on Linux, so you'll probably need to restart if you've calibrated on your current boot.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Built Configure Directory Joystick Libjsw Opengl Patch Portaudio Portaudioif Portossalsa Snes Snes Src Snes Xgtk Source Support Withgtk You039ve
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