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ucsd-psystem-fs 1.20

Company: Peter Miller
Date Added: October 03, 2013  |  Visits: 230


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The ucsd-psystem-fs project contains tools that allow you to create and manipulate UCSD p-System disk images. You can add files to, and extract files from, UCSD p-System disk images. You can even mount UCSD p-System disk images as Linux file systems, with automatic transparent text format conversion in both directions.<br /><br />This project has been successfully tested against several disk image formats. All of the disk formats are automatically detected at run time, no guessing by the user is required. The formats supported include:<br /><br /> * Non-interleaved disk images work correctly, for any valid size. This gives the best performance, as you would expect.<br /> * Single and redundant directory contents work.<br /> * Apple ][ Pascal 140KB interleaved disk images work correctly. This was tested against the system disk images at pub/ really_old_stuff/ mirrors/ programming/ apple_pascal/<br /> * Simple 800KB disk images work. This was tested against the disk images at software/ tribby/ apascal.html<br /> * Offset interleaved 256KB disk images (PDP11?) work. This was tested against the disk images at bits/ UCSD_Pascal/ ucsd_II.0/ <br /><br />IIRC, the original UCSD p-System did not permit more than one file being open for writing at the same time. Files in this file system are represented by a single continuous disk extent. This implementation uses the Buffer Gap algorithm, found in many text editors, to manage file extents being written. This implementation can cope with two (or more) files open for writing at the same time, however performance will be impacted as disk blocks will constantly be shuffled back and forth as the gap is moved to the end of each of the files being written.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: 256kb 800kb Apascalhtml Appleasimovnet Ftpftpmaynde Httpapple Callappleorg Httpwwwbitsaversorg Mirrors Offset Original Pdp Permit Programming Simple Software Stuff System Tribby Ucsd Ucsd Pascal
Users rating: 0/10

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