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Ukopp for Linux 1.5.1

Company: J. Schilling
Date Added: August 20, 2013  |  Visits: 267

Ukopp for Linux

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Star saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and can restore individual files from the archive.<br /><br />It includes a FIFO for speed, a pattern matcher, multivolume support, the ability to archive sparse files, automatic archive format detection, automatic byte order recognition, automatic archive compression/decompression, remote archives and special features that allow star to be used for full backups.<br /><br />S tar also includes `rmt', a truly portable version of the remote tape server that supports remote operation between different OS and machine architectures (hides even Linux oddities) and a portable `mt' tape drive control program that is able t<br /><br />The RMT program if 100% compatible with Sun's extensions for inter-platform operability support (MT status codes) and with GNU extensions for inter-platform open() nteroperability. In addition, it includes my enhancements that hide Linux MT-ioctl non compliances with other UNIX platforms.<br /><br />Star is the fastest known implementation of a tar archiver. Star is even faster than ufsdump in nearly all cases.<br /><br />Star development started 1982, the first complete implementation has been done in 1985. I never did my backups with other tools than star.<br /><br />Here are some key features of "S tar":<br /><br />- fifo<br /><br />keeps the tape streaming. This gives you faster backups than you can achieve with ufsdump, if the size of the filesystem is > 1 GByte.<br /><br />- remote tape support<br /><br />a fast RMT implementation that has no probems to saturate a 100 Mb/s network.<br /><br />- accurate sparse files<br /><br />star is able to reproduce holes in sparse files accurately if the OS includes the needed support functions. This is currently true for Solaris-2.3 to Solaris-2.5.1<br /><br />- pattern matcher<br /><br />for a convenient user interface (see manual page for more details). To archive/extract a subset of files.<br /><br />- sophisticated diff<br /><br />user tailorable interface for comparing tar archives against file trees. This is one of the most interesting parts of the star implementation.<br /><br />- no namelen limitation<br /><br />Pathnames up to 1024 Bytes may be archived. (The same limitation applies to linknames)<br />This limit may be expanded in future without changing the method to record long names.<br /><br />- deals with all 3 times<br /><br />stores/restores all 3 times of a file (even creation time)<br />With POSIX.1-2001 the times are in nanosecond granularity.<br />Star may reset access time after doing backup. On Solaris this can be done without changing the ctime.<br /><br />- does not clobber files<br /><br />more recent copies on disk will not be clobbered from tape<br />This may be the main advantage over other tar implementations. This allows automatically repairing of corruptions after a crash & fsck (Check for differences after doing this with the diff option).<br /><br />- automatic byte swap<br /><br />star automatically detects swapped archives and transparently reads them the right way<br /><br />- automatic format detect<br /><br />star automatically detects several common archive formats and adopts to them. Supported archive types are: Old tar, gnu tar, ansi tar, star, POSIX.1-2001 PAX, Sun's Solaris tar.<br /><br />- automatic compression detect<br /><br />star automatically detects whether the archive is compressed. If it has been compressed<br />with a compression program that is compatible to decompression with "gzip" or "bzip2", star automatically activates decompression.<br /><br />- fully ansi compatible<br /><br />Star is fully ANSI/Posix 1003.1 compatible. See README.otherbugs for a complete description of bugs found in other tar implementations. Star is the first tar implementation that supports POSIX.1-2001.<br /><br />- support for ACLs and file flags<br /><br />star supports Access Control Lists and extened file flags (as found on FreeBSD and Linux). Support to archive and restore other file properties may easily added.<br /><br />- support for all inode metadata<br /><br />star supports to put all inode metadata on the archive. This allows star to perform true incremental dumps.<br /><br />- sophisticated error control<br /><br />allows to tell star which error types should be ignored for wich file name pattern.<br />This allows to write backup scripts that give no error messages for all problems that are tolerable (e.g. growing log files).<br /><br />- 'ed' like pattern substitutuions<br /><br />star supports automated pattern rule based file name substitution as documented for 'pax'.<br /><br />- fast built in -copy mode<br /><br />allows to make fast and accurate copies and directory tree comparisons.<br />star supports automated pattern rule based file name substitution as documented for 'pax'.<br /><br />- True incremental dump/restore features<br /><br />star is the first TAR based backup system that has been verified to handle typical file system changes correctly.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Archive Archives Automatic Automatically Based Compatible Detects Error Files Implementation Includes Linux Pattern Posix Remote Support Supports
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 972.8 KB
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