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VirusBuster for Mail Servers(SMTP) for Solaris 1.60.4-7

Company: VirusBuster Ltd.
Date Added: November 30, 2013  |  Visits: 302

VirusBuster for Mail Servers(SMTP) for Solaris

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This product was known as VirusBuster MailShield for SMTP before.<br /><br />Nowadays most of the viruses and other harmful programs arrive in e-mail, therefore filtering the e-mail traffic of companies for viruses is crucial to avoid virus infections. The dramatic increase in the number of spam e-mails puts a heavy load on e-mail servers and deleting these e-mails can take a long time therefore every mail filtering product must contain an effective spam filter.<br /><br />Important!<br />The packages include the Extended Spam Protection and Zero-Hour Virus Protection functions (where available), however, you will need an extra registration key to use it (this key is not the same as the one you register the VirusBuster for Mail Servers with). If you would like to buy extra license for the Extended Spam Protection or you want to test it before, please contact the<br /><br />Important!<br />Zero Hour Virus Protection and Extended Spam Protection filter functions are only available on Linux, FreeBSD 4.9 and Solaris systems.<br /><br />Incremental virus database update<br />Using the incremental update mechanism the download time is reduced to a minimal level so we can release additional virus database packages several times a day to improve the defence. Users can obtain protection against new malware without spending long time and generating considerable network load for the update.<br /><br />Comprehensive protection<br />Provides comprehensive protection for mail servers combining new features of Zero Hour Virus Protection and Extended Spam Protection RPD technologies.<br /><br />RPD technology - instant protection<br />Zero Hour Virus Protection and Extended Spam Protection modules based on the RPD technology don't need a virus or spam database to detect malwares delivered by e-mail, but they detect the attacking/spreading wave itself connecting and communicating permanently to a central server. These filters are able to reveal the virus or spam mail attacks some minutes after they have been started and block these e-mails long before the first virus or spam database updates are released which can take several hours sometimes.<br />*Detailed information about the RPD technology<br /><br />Flexible protection system<br />The program is independent from any mail server solution, it is able to scan of incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses and spam by analysing many characteristics.<br /><br />Outstanding performance<br />Parallel processing, load balancing options.<br /><br />Comprehensive configuration settings<br />Flexible rule system to suit the company's needs, filtering based on mail header fields, using configuration templates.<br /><br />Spam filtering<br />Statistical spam filtering with many evaluation methods.<br /><br />Comprehensive LDAP support<br />SMTP authentication and LDAP-based smarthost support, individual filtering options for each user.<br /><br />WormBuster function<br />For blocking I-Worms instantly.<br /><br />Safety of operation<br />Outstanding error handling to provide continuous functioning.<br /><br />Customizable notifications<br />Adjustable log levels and customizable e-mail notifications provide you with the latest vital information.<br /><br />Downloadable documentations - VirusBuster for Mail Servers (SMTP).

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Solaris
Keyword: Database Email Emails Extended Filtering Functions Packages Product Protection Provide Servers Virus Virusbuster Viruses
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 27.15 MB
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