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Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer 2.5

Company: Zertificon Solutions GmbH
Date Added: November 04, 2013  |  Visits: 244

Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer

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Z1 Backbone Of Trust CertServer is a database, which centralises and automates the verification and administration of external certificates. Instead of burdening each individual user with these tasks, Chief Security Officers, IT-Security-Manager etc. all certificate administration is server-based.<br /><br />Functions of the Z1 Backbone CertServer<br /><br />The Z1 Backbone CertServer automatically carries out complex PKI functions like retrieval, verification and administration of X.509 certificates & OpenPGP keys. This is always carried out in the background.<br /><br />The use of a PKI is dramatically simplified for the user and becomes more cost-efficient for the company than if it had to be done manually.<br /><br />Applications of the Z1 Backbone CertServer<br /><br />Z1 Backbone CertServer saves external X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys and makes them available for users and applications. It also adapts itself depending on the task, e.g.:<br /><br /> * using e-mail gateways for processing secure e-mails.<br /> * connecting PKI supported applications e.g. Z1 FileProtector.<br /> * using a Z1 Backbone CertServer as a service through an Application Service Provider (ASP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).<br /> * using a Z1 Backbone CertServer by several branches within an organisation.<br /> * mobile employees can use Z1 Backbone CertServer Clients and access the company Z1 Backbone CertServer irrespective of location.<br /><br />WebClient for external e-mail users<br /><br />Integrate the Z1 Backbone CertServer User Web Client in your homepage in order to give your employees and external business partners the ability to easily find and verify certificates.<br /><br />Product details: Z1 Backbone CertServer...<br /><br /> * is a central database that saves and administers external X.509 certificates and PGP keys.<br /> * provides users and applications with X.509 certificates and PGP keys.<br /> * unburdens users of having to use asymmetrical cryptography for encryption and digital signature. For example, with e-mail protection, it is tied to arbitrary external trust centres such as Verisign, SignTrust, TC TrustCenter/Cybertrust or Thawte.<br /> * accesses LDAP accounts and certificate revocation lists (CRL) from the trust centre or uses verification services through OCSP (Online Service Status Protocol).<br /> * automatically checks the validity of X.509 certificates from trust centres.<br /> * automatically imports the X.509 certificates and PGP keys of your business partners, customers and employees.<br /> * is manually operated by users and their business partners over a web-front-end: search, check and integrate certificates and more.<br /> * turns e-business systems or web applications, using an interface (Z1 Backbone CertServer API), into "PKI enabled applications" (PKA).<br /> * is now available with Z1 Backbone CertServer API as Java Class Library and also as C++ Library.<br /> * communicates with Z1 Backbone CertServer clients over SOAP calls (Simple Object Access Protocol). This XML-based protocol for communication between applications is secured using HTTPS.<br /><br />The advantages to you: Z1 Backbone CertServer...<br /><br /> * relieves users of tasks like the acquisition and verification of certificates.<br /> * creates a standardised security level for all users and applications through its centralisation.<br /> * dramatically reduces the complexity of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).<br /> * reduces administration and PKI costs.<br /> * enables users to more easily use digital signatures und encryption.<br /> * automates the whole process meaning a higher level of security is achieved.<br /> * requires no or little contact with Z1 Backbone CertServer Clients because it is server-based.<br /> * solves the problem of securely sending your own CA certificates to business partners as well as complex cross-certification.<br /> * is available over a documented interface (API). Software developers and integrators can access the central certificate database with your security applications. The applications are considerably smaller and can be installed more quickly.<br /><br />Note: The use of a PKI with Z1 Backbone CertServer makes it economical for many organisations for the first time.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Administration Applications Automatically Backbone Business Certificate Certificates Certserver Database Email Employees External Partners Security Service Users Verification
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