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BetterBatch 1.3.2

Company: Mark Mc Mahon
Date Added: September 03, 2013  |  Visits: 266


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BetterBatch scripts are very basic - and most functionality is in external commands. This keeps BetterBatch simple - and also fosters re-use of existing components and creation of small modular components.<br /><br />A 'plugin' of BetterBatch is any tool that can be run at the OS shell prompt. Additional the command should return 0 for success and any non-zero value for failure. <br /><br />Here is a BetterBatch script that shows many of the features:<br /><br /># this sets the log file. The log file CAN be changed <br /># during execution (logfile can use variables defined in file <br /># as opposed to includes)<br />- logfile <__script_dir__>test_bb.log<br /><br /># the following two 'pseudo' variables allow you to <br /># get directory where the script is and the directory<br /># from which the script was executed.<br />- echo __script_dir__ pseudo variable- <__script_dir__><br />- echo __working_dir__ pseudo variable- <__working_dir__><br /><br /># betterbatch pulls in the environment variables so that these can be used<br /># by better batch<br />- echo <computername><br /><br /># for example this would be a good way to include machine specific <br /># configuration<br />- if exist <computername>.bb:<br /> - include <computername>.bb<br /><br /># or user specific configuration<br />- if exist <username>.bb:<br /> - include <username>.bb<br /><br /># you can define your own variables<br />- set project_root=<__script_dir__><br /><br /><br /># Note - include statements cannot use variables defined in the script (because <br /># includes are executed before variable definitions statements are)<br />- include <__script_dir__><br /><br /># this will not work for example because <project_root> is<br /># not defined by the time the include will be executed<br />#- include <project_root><br /><br /><br /># change 0 to 1 to test<br />- if compare 1 = 0:<br /> # because of the 'ui' qualifier the output of this command will not <br /> # be captured because of the 'nocheck' qualifier the return value will<br /> # not be checked (so you can CTRL+C)<br /> - dir c: /s /p {*ui*} {*nocheck*}<br /><br /># example of channging the logfile<br />- logfile <project_root>test_bb2.log<br /><br /># finally you can pass in variables on the command line:<br /># the following section will only be run if you pass something like:<br /># perform_section=true at the command line<br />- if defined perform_section:<br /> - echo ************************************************<br /> - echo YOU PASSED SOMETHING AT THE COMMAND LINE<br /> - echo ************************************************<br /><br /><br /># qualifiers modify how the command is executed, qualifiers are:<br /># {*ui*}, {*nocheck*} and {*echo*}<br /># ui - does not capture the text, so the user can work with <br /># the output interactively<br /># nocheck - does not check the return value - so even if it fails <br /># errors will be ignored<br /># echo - output will be echoed<br /># It doesn't make sense to have echo + ui<br />- cd non_existing_directory {*nocheck*} {*echo*} <br /><br /><br /># add_tools_folder will make the executable programs in the specified folder<br /># availabe in the script without requing path or extension<br />- add_tools_folder c: # you a folder on your machine or in your config<br /><br /><br /># you can assign variables to the output of commands<br /># it can be multiline text there is a utility built in command to <br /># replace new lines (rn)<br />- set boot.ini = {{{type c:boot.ini}}}<br />- set boot.ini.one_line = {{{EscapeNewlines <boot.ini>}}}<br />- echo <boot.ini.one_line><br /><br /># the code within an {{{executable section}}} can include any shell<br /># command or any built_in commands. There can be more than one on a line<br /># But they cannot be embedded (on the same line - if you need to embed - you<br /># can do that by using a temporary variable)<br />- set dir_to_search = {{{echo <windir>}}}<br />- set found = {{{dir <dir_to_search>win.ini}}} {{{cd nowhere {*nocheck*}{*echo*}}}}<br /><br /><br /># commands can be split over many lines in two ways<br /># using either > or | characters<br /><br /># > character will result in all text being on one line<br />- ><br /> set long_greater=different<br /> values here<br /> and here<br /> <br />- echo <long_greater><br /><br /># | character will result in all text being on many lines (i.e. it is only<br /># it is kept as is with leading space stripped<br />- |<br /> set long_pipe=different<br /> values here<br /> and here<br /><br /><br />- set escaped = {{{escapenewlines <long_pipe>}}}<br />- echo <escaped><br /><br /># scrpits can be ended at any, using an END statment<br /># it must include error return value and can include an optional message<br />- end 0, Enough for now - stopping<br /><br />SHA1 Checksum: a7ab209cdae93d52fb909082a12f81557aa84f5c

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Betterbatch Command Commands Defined Executed Include Includes Lines Logfile Nocheck Output Return Script Variable Variables
Users rating: 0/10

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