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unittest2 0.5.0

Company: Michael Foord
Date Added: September 20, 2013  |  Visits: 230


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The new features in unittest for Python 2.7 backported to Python 2.3+.<br /><br />unittest2 is a backport of the new features added to the unittest testing framework in Python 2.7. It is tested to run on Python 2.4 - 2.7.<br /><br />Thanks to Mark Roddy, there is also a version of for Python 2.3. This is maintained as a separate branch and is a separate download.<br /><br />To use unittest2 instead of unittest simply replace import unittest with import unittest2.<br /><br />unittest2 is maintained in a mercurial repository. The issue tracker is on google code:<br /><br /> * unittest2 hg<br /> * unittest2 issue tracker<br /> * Article / Docs: New features in unittest.<br /><br />Classes in unittest2 derive from the appropriate classes in unittest, so it should be possible to use the unittest2 test running infrastructure without having to switch all your tests to using unittest2 immediately. Similarly you can use the new assert methods on unittest2.TestCase with the standard unittest test running infrastructure. Not all of the new features in unittest2 will work with the standard unittest test loaders, runners result objects however.<br /><br />New features include:<br /><br /> * addCleanups - better resource management<br /> * many new assert methods including better defaults for comparing lists, sets, dicts unicode strings etc and the ability to specify new default methods for comparing specific types<br /> * assertRaises as context manager, with access to the exception afterwards<br /> * test discovery and new command line options (including failfast and better handling of ctrl-C during test runs)<br /> * class and module level fixtures: setUpClass, tearDownClass, setUpModule, tearDownModule<br /> * test skipping and expected failures<br /> * new delta keyword argument to assertAlmostEqual for more useful comparison and for comparing non-numeric objects (like datetimes)<br /> * load_tests protocol for loading tests from modules or packages<br /> * startTestRun and stopTestRun methods on TestResult<br /> * various other API improvements and fixes<br /><br />Note<br /><br />Command line usage<br /><br />In Python 2.7 you invoke the unittest command line features (including test discover) with python -m unittest <args>. As unittest is a package, and the ability to invoke packages with python -m ... is new in Python 2.7, we can't do this for unittest2.<br /><br />Instead unittest2 comes with a script unit2. Command line usage:<br /><br />unit2 discover<br />unit2 -v test_module<br /><br />There is also a copy of this script called, useful for Windows which uses file-extensions rather than shebang lines to determine what program to execute files with. Both of these scripts are installed by distutils.<br /><br />Until I write proper documentation, the best information on all the new features is the development version of the Python documentation for Python 2.7:<br /><br /> *<br /><br />Look for notes about features added or changed in Python 2.7.<br /><br />Note<br /><br />unittest2 is already in use for development for development of distutils2.<br /><br />Version 0.5.0 of unittest2 has feature parity with unittest in Python 2.7 final. If you want to ensure that your tests run identically under unittest2 and unittest in Python 2.7 you should use unittest2 0.5.0.<br /><br />Later versions of unittest2 include changes in unittest made in Python 3.2 and onwards after the release of Python 2.7.<br />Differences<br /><br />Differences between unittest2 and unittest in Python 2.7:<br /><br />assertItemsEqual does not silence Py3k warnings as this uses warnings.catch_warnings() which is new in Python 2.6 (and is used as a context manager which would be a pain to make work with Python 2.4).<br /><br />The underlying dictionary storing the type equality functions on TestCase is a custom object rather than a real dictionary. This allows TestCase instances to be deep-copyable on Python versions prior to 2.7.<br /><br />TestCase.longMessage defaults to True because it is better. It defaults to False in Python 2.7 for backwards compatibility reasons.<br /><br />python -m package doesn't work in versions of Python before Python 2.7. The command line features of unittest2 are provided by a unit2 (and script instead.<br /><br />unittest2 includes a very basic setuptools compatible test collector. Specify test_suite = 'unittest2.collector' in your This starts test discovery with the default parameters from the directory containing setup.p, so it is perhaps most useful as an example (see unittest2/<br />Issues<br /><br />A TestResult object with unexpected successes returns True for result.wasSuccessful(). Difficult to know if this is the correct behaviour or not.<br /><br />If a dotted path name is used for test discovery then a globally installed module/package will still be used in preference of one in the current directory. When doing discovery from a dotted path name we could check for this specific case.<br /><br />The removeHandler decorator could also be a context manager.<br /><br />Issue 8313:, <unprintable Assertionerror object> message in unittest tracebacks, is hard to fix in versions of Python before 2.7. The fix in Python 2.7 relies on changes to both the traceback module and traceback objects. As the issue is rare I am leaving it unfixed in unittest2.<br /><br />There are several places in unittest2 (and unittest) that call str(...) on exceptions to get the exception message. This can fail if the exception was created with non-ascii unicode. This is rare and I won't address it unless it is actually reported as a problem for someone.<br /><br />A comparison of text or long sequences (using assertSequenceEqual or assertMultiLineEqual etc) can take a long time to generate diffs for failure messages. These methods use prettyprint and difflib.<br /><br /><br />unittest2-0.5.0.tar.gz#md5=24fb07f69bbd0da1c86b759fded839fd

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Command Comparing Context Defaults Development Discovery Features Including Issue Methods Objects Python Script Tests Unittest Versions
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