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Cvs::Simple 0.06

Company: Stephen Cardie
Date Added: August 11, 2013  |  Visits: 283


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Cvs::Simple is an attempt to provide an easy-to-use wrapper that allows cvs commands to be executed from within a Perl program, without the programmer having to wade through the (many) cvs global and command-specific options.<br /><br />UTILITY METHODS<br /><br />new ( [ CONFIG_ITEMS ] )<br /><br /> Creates an instance of Cvs::Simple.<br /><br /> CONFIG_ITEMS is a hash of configuration items. Recognised configuration items are:<br /><br /> cvs_bin<br /> external<br /> callback<br /><br /> See the method descriptions below for details of these. If none are specified, CVS::Simple will choose some sensible defaults.<br />callback ( CMD, CODEREF )<br /><br /> Specify a function pointed to by CODEREF to be executed for every line output by CMD.<br /><br /> Permitted values of CMD are All (executed on every line of output), add, commit, checkout, diff, update. CMD is also permitted to be undef, in which case, it will be assumed to be All.<br /><br /> cvs_cmd passes two arguments to callbacks: the actual command called, and the line returned by CVS.<br /><br /> See the tests for examples of callbacks.<br />unset_callback ( CMD )<br /><br /> Remove the callback set for CMD.<br />cvs_bin ( PATH )<br /><br /> Specifies the location and name of the CVS binary. Default to /usr/bin/cvs.<br />cvs_cmd ( )<br /><br /> cvs_cmd() does the actual work of calling the equivalent CVS command. If any callbacks have been set, they will be executed for every line received from the command. If no callbacks have been set, all output is to STDOUT.<br />external( REPOSITORY )<br /><br /> Specify an "external" repository. This can be a genuinely remote repository in :ext:user@repos.tld:/path/to/cvsroot format, or an alternative repository on the local host. This will be passed to the -d CVS global option.<br /><br />CVS METHODS<br /><br />add ( FILE1, [ .... , FILEx ] )<br />add_bin ( FILE1, [ .... , FILEx ] )<br /><br /> Add a file or files to the repository; equivalent to cvs add file1, ...., or cvs add -kb file1, ... in the case of add_bin().<br />co ( TAG, MODULE )<br /><br /> Alias for checkout()<br /><br />checkout ( MODULE )<br />checkout ( TAG, MODULE )<br /><br /> Note that co() can be used as an alias for checkout().<br /><br />ci<br /><br /> Alias for commit().<br /><br />commit ( )<br />commit ( FILELIST_ARRAYREF )<br />commit ( TAG )<br />commit ( TAG, FILELIST_ARRAYREF )<br /><br /> These are the equivalent of cvs commit -m "", cvs commit -m "" file1, file2, ...., fileN, cvs commit -r TAG -m "" and cvs commit -r TAG -m "" file1, file2, ...., fileN respectively.<br /><br /> Note that ci() can be used as an alias for commit().<br />diff ( FILE_OR_DIR )<br />diff ( TAG1, TAG2, FILE_OR_DIR )<br /><br /> FILE_OR_DIR is a single file, or a directory, in the sandbox.<br /><br /> Performs context diff: equivalent to cvs diff -c FILE_OR_DIR or cvs diff -c -rTAG1 -rTAG2 FILE_OR_DIR.<br />merge ( OLD_REV, NEW_REV, FILENAME )<br /><br /> This is the equivalent of cvs -q update -jOLD_REV -jNEW_REV FILENAME. Note for callback purposes that this is actually an update().<br />backout ( CURRENT_REV, REVERT_REV, FILENAME )<br />undo ( CURRENT_REV, REVERT_REV, FILENAME )<br /><br /> Reverts from CURRENT_REV to REVERT_REV. Equivalent to cvs update -jCURRENT_REV -jREVERT_REV FILENAME.<br /><br /> Note that backout() can be used as an alias for undo().<br /><br /> Note that for callback purposes this is actually an update().<br />upd<br /><br /> Alias for update().<br /><br />update ( )<br />update ( FILE1, [ ...., FILEx ] );<br /><br /> Equivalent to cvs -q update -d and cvs -d update file1, ..., filex.<br /><br /> Note that updates to a specific revision (-r) and sticky-tag resets (-A) are not currently supported.<br /><br /> Note that upd() is an alias for update().<br />up2date ( )<br /><br /> Short-hand for cvs -nq update -d.<br />status ( )<br />status( file1 [, ..., ... ] )<br /><br /> Equivalent to cvs status -v.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Alias Callback Callbacks Commit Current Rev Equivalent Executed File File Dir Filename Module Output Quotquot Repository Revert Rev Update
Users rating: 0/10

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