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Config::Strict 0.07

Company: Blake Willmarth
Date Added: October 15, 2013  |  Visits: 220


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Config::Strict is a Perl module that wraps Declare::Constraints::Simple to enable strict parameter name- and type-checking on configuration data. That is, it will complain anytime an attempt is made to access a parameter with an invalid name or type; or if an attempt is made to unset a required parameter. Both built-in and custom types can be used to build a validation profile for the entire configuration.<br /><br />This module is meant to be used alongside any configuration parser that hashes configuration data.<br /><br />SYNOPSIS<br /><br /> use Config::Strict;<br /> use Declare::Constraints::Simple -All; # For custom checks<br /><br /> my $config = Config::Strict->new( {<br /> params => { # Parameter types & names<br /> Bool => [ qw( my_bool1 my_bool2 ) ], # Multiple parameters<br /> Int => 'my_i', # Single parameter<br /> Num => 'my_n',<br /> HashRef => 'my_href',<br /> Enum => {<br /> my_enum => [ qw( v1 v2 ), undef ]<br /> },<br /> Anon => { # anonymous profiles<br /> my_pos2 => # Positive number<br /> And( IsNumber, Matches( qr/^[^-]+$/ ) ),<br /> my_nest => IsA( 'Config::Strict' ), # Nested configuration<br /> }<br /> },<br /> required => [ qw( my_bool1 my_n ) ], # Required parameters<br /> defaults => { # Default values<br /> my_bool1 => 1,<br /> my_enum => 'e2',<br /> my_n => -1.1,<br /> my_pos2 => 1_000,<br /> },<br /> } );<br /> <br /> # Access and change the data<br /> <br /> # Retrieve a single value<br /> $got = $config->get( 'my_n' ); # $got = -1.1<br /> <br /> # Retrieve a list of values<br /> @got = $config->get( qw( my_bool1 my_n ) ); # @got = ( 1, -1.1 )<br /> <br /> # Set multiple parameters<br /> $config->set( my_bool1 => 1, 'my_pos2' => 2 );<br /> <br /> # Unset parameters<br /> $config->unset( 'my_n' );<br /> $config->param_is_set( 'my_n' ); # false<br /> <br /> # The following will die:<br /> $config->get( 'foo' ); # foo doesn't exist<br /> $config->set( 'my_i' => 2.2 ); # my_i must be an integer<br /> $config->set( 'my_pos2' => -5 ); # my_pos2 must be positive<br /> $config->unset( 'my_n' ); # my_n is required

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: 039my I039 039my N039 Attempt Bool Config Config Strict Configgtget Configgtset Configstrict Configuration Custom Declareconstraintssimple Enum Module Parameter Parameters Pos Required Retrieve Strict Types Values
Users rating: 0/10

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