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PyCukes 0.1.3

Company: Hugo Lopes Tavares
Date Added: October 08, 2013  |  Visits: 212


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PyCukes is a Cucumber-like BDD tool built on top of Pyhistorian. It was created to fill the gap pyhistorian left, so with it is possible to talk to your stakeholders first with text files, instead of simple understendable python files like Pyhistorian.<br /><br />Usage:<br /><br />First, make sure you have installed story_runner, pyhistorian and pycukes. By default, if you just call pycukes from your command line into some dir, it will look for a stories dir (expecting your stories files are there) and then look for a step_definitions dir (expecting your step definitions are there). Each story file by convention ends with .story, like calculator.story and each step definition should end with, like<br /><br />So, lets say you have the directory tree:<br /><br />|-- calculator<br /> `-- stories<br /> |-- calculator.story<br /> `-- step_definitions<br /> |--<br /><br />To run your stories, you can simple call:<br /><br />pycukes<br /><br />Or if you can specify exactly what stories run:<br /><br />pycukes stories/calculator.story<br /><br />Parameters:<br /><br />-s or --stories-dir -- specify your stories directory<br />-t or --steps-dir -- specify your step definitions directory<br />-n or --no-colors -- tells pycukes not to show colored output<br />-n or --colored (default) -- tells pycukes to show colored output<br />-l or --language (en-us by default) -- specify your story language [en-us and pt-br are supported]<br /><br />Real Example:<br /><br />Directory tree:<br /><br />hugo@hugo-laptop:~/app$ tree<br />.<br />`-- stories<br /> |-- bowling_game.story<br /> `-- step_definitions<br /> `--<br /><br />Content of bowling_game.story file:<br /><br />hugo@hugo-laptop:~/app$ cat stories/bowling_game.story<br />Story: Bowling Game<br /> As a bowling player<br /> I want to play bowling online<br /> So that I can play with everyone in the world<br /><br /> Scenario 1: Gutter Game<br /> Given I am playing a bowling game<br /> When I hit no balls<br /> Then I have 0 points<br /><br />Content of<br /><br />hugo@hugo-laptop:~/app$ cat stories/step_definitions/<br />from pycukes import *<br /><br />class BowlingGame(object):<br /> score = 1<br /> def hit(self, balls):<br /> pass<br /><br /><br />@Given('I am playing a bowling game')<br />def start_game(context):<br /> context._bowling_game = BowlingGame()<br /><br />@When('I hit no balls')<br />def hit_no_balls(context):<br /> context._bowling_game.hit(0)<br /><br />@Then('I have 0 points')<br />def i_have_zero_points(context):<br /> assert context._bowling_game.score == 0<br /><br />Running:<br /><br />hugo@hugo-laptop:~/app$ pycukes stories/bowling_game.story<br />Story: Bowling Game<br /> As a bowling player<br /> I want to play bowling online<br /> So that I can play with everyone in the world<br /><br /> Scenario 1: Gutter Game<br /> Given I am playing a bowling game ... OK<br /> When I hit no balls ... OK<br /> Then I have 0 points ... FAIL<br /><br /> Failures:<br /> File "stories/step_definitions/", line 19, in i_have_zero_points<br /> assert context._bowling_game.score == 0<br /> Assertionerror<br /><br /><br /> Ran 1 scenario with 1 failure, 0 errors and 0 pending steps

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Balls Class Gutter Import Playing Points Scenario World
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 30.72 KB
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