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Baker for Linux 1.1

Company: Matt Chaput
Date Added: September 22, 2013  |  Visits: 415

Baker for Linux

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# An imaginary script full of useful Python functions<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def set(name, value=None, overwrite=False):<br /> """Sets the value of a key in the database.<br /><br /> If you don't specify a value, the named key is deleted. Overwriting<br /> a value may not be visible to all clients until the next full sync.<br /> """<br /><br /> db = get_database()<br /> if overwrite or name not in db:<br /> if value is None:<br /> db.delete(name)<br /> print "Deleted %s" % name<br /> else:<br /> db.set(name, value)<br /> print "Set %s to %s" % (name, value)<br /> else:<br /> print "Key exists!"<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def get(name):<br /> "Prints the value of a key in the database."<br /><br /> db = get_database()<br /> print db.get(name)<br /><br /><br /><br />You can then run the script and use your function names and parameters as the command line interface, using optparse-style options:<br /><br />$ set alfa bravo<br />Set alfa to bravo<br /><br />$ set --overwrite alfa charlie<br />Set alfa to charlie<br /><br />$ get alfa<br />charlie<br /><br />$ --help<br /><br />Available commands:<br /><br /> get Prints the value of a key in the database.<br /> set Sets the value of a key in the database<br /><br />Use " < command > --help" for individual command help.<br /><br />$ set --help<br /><br />Usage: set < name > [< value >]<br /><br />Sets the value of a key in the database.<br /><br /> If you don't specify a value, the named key is deleted. Overwriting<br /> a value may not be visible to all clients until the next full sync.<br /><br />Options:<br /><br />--overwrite<br /><br />Arguments<br /><br />Baker maps command line options to function parameters in the most natural way available.<br /><br />Bare arguments are used to fill in required parameters:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def test(a, b, c):<br /> print "a=", a, "b=", b, "c=", c<br /><br />$ test 1 2 3<br />a= 1 b= 2 c= 3<br /><br />--option arguments are used to fill in keyword parameters. You can use --option value or --option=value, as in optparse:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def test(key="C"):<br /> print "In the key of:", key<br /><br />$ test<br />In the key of: C<br />$ test --key A<br />In the key of: A<br />$ test --key=Gb<br />In the key of: Gb<br /><br />Function parameters where the default is None are considered optional arguments and will be filled if extra arguments are available. Otherwise, extra bare arguments never fill in keyword parameters:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def test(start, end=None, sortby="time"):<br /> print "start=", start, "end=", end, "sort=", sortby<br /><br />$ --sortby name 1<br />start= 1 end= sortby= name<br />$ 1 2<br />start= 1 end= 2 sortby= time<br /><br />If a keyword parameter's default is an int or float, Baker will try to convert the option's string to the same type:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def test(limit=10):<br /> print type(limit)<br /><br />$ test --limit 10<br />< type 'int' ><br /><br />If the default of a parameter is a boolean, the corresponding command line option is a flag that sets the opposite of the default:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def test(name, verbose=False):<br /> if verbose: print "Opening", name<br /><br />$ test --verbose alfa<br />Opening alfa<br /><br />If the function takes * and/or ** parameters, any leftover arguments and options will fill them in.<br /><br />Parameter help<br /><br />Baker lets you specify help for parameters in three ways.<br /><br />In the decorator:<br /><br />@baker.command(params={"force": "Delete even if the file exists"})<br />def delete(filename, force=False):<br /> "Deletes a file."<br /> if force or not os.path.exists(filename):<br /> os.remove(filename)<br /><br />In Python 3.x, you can use parameter annotations to associate doc strings with parameters:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def delete(filename, force:"Delete even if the file exists."=False):<br /> "Deletes a file."<br /> if force or not os.path.exists(filename):<br /> os.remove(filename)<br /><br />Baker can parse the function's docstring for Sphinx-style :param blocks:<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def delete(filename, force=False):<br /> """Deletes a file.<br /><br /> :param force: Delete even if the file exists.<br /> """<br /> if force or not os.path.exists(filename):<br /> os.remove(filename)<br /><br />Short options<br /><br />To allow single-character short options (e.g. -v for --verbose), use the shortopts keyword on the decorator:<br /><br />@baker.command(shortopts={"verbose": "v"}, params={"verbose", "Spew lots"})<br />def test(verbose=False):<br /> pass<br /><br />$ test --help<br /><br />Usage: test<br /><br />Options:<br /><br /> -v --verbose Spew lots<br /><br />You can group multiple short flag options together (-xvc). You can also optionally not put a space between a short option and its argument, for example -nCASE instead of -n CASE.<br /><br />Miscellaneous<br /><br />Instead of, you can use baker.test() to print out how Baker will call your function based on the given command line.<br /><br />As in many UNIX command line utilities, if you specify a single hyphen (-) as a bare argument, any subsequent arguments will not parsed as options, even if they start with --.<br /><br />Commands are automatically given the same name as the decorated function. To give a command a different name, use the name keyword on the decorator. This is especially useful when the command name you want isn't a valid Python identifier:<br /><br />@baker.command(name="track-all")<br />def trackall():<br /> pass<br /><br />You can specify a "default" command that is used when the first argument to the script doesn't look like a command name:<br /><br />@baker.command(default=True)<br />def here(back=False):<br /> print "here! back=", back<br /><br />@baker.command<br />def there(back=False):<br /> print "there! back=", back<br /><br />$ --back<br />here! back= True<br /><br />#md5=2107b353d7506c79ad9ff3eda8f6dd26<br /><br />#md5=8d6a077fea30cfa4f1a57cc7778497e6

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Argument Arguments Baker Baker Linux Command Database Default Deletefilename Force Function Keyword Linux Option Options Ospathexistsfilename Parameters Parametersbakercommanddef Print Scriptpy Short Verbose
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB
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