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Parallel::ThreadContext 0.01

Company: Serge Tsafak
Date Added: September 23, 2013  |  Visits: 228


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This module provides a framework and some utilities for easy creation of multithreaded Perl programs.<br /> It introduces and uses the concept of context based concurrent threads. <br /> A context specifies a kind of name and work space for thread execution and consists of a queue + threads working on that queue + locks used by threads working on that queue.<br /> User can freely define as many contexts as he wants depending on its application logic e.g. 'prefetch', 'decode', 'execute', ...<br /> In each context threads are performing concurrent similar jobs on the same queue.<br /> All threads in the same context represent a thread group. Of course a group can consist of one thread only.<br /> Resources locked in one context do not affect other contexts.<br /><br />Features :<br /><br />version<br /><br /> return the current version information for this module<br /> <br /> arguments: none<br /> <br /> returns:<br /> version info of this module<br /><br />start<br /><br /> create and run a thread group to perform specific queue jobs <br /> all threads in the group will run the same code with different data and will share the same queue and same locks<br /> we say that they run in the same context.<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> reference to code to be executed by each thread (mandatory)<br /> reference to array data (jobs) to be distributed to each thread (mandatory)<br /> number of threads to be started (mandatory)<br /> name to assign to this context of execution (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />end<br /><br /> terminate execution in the given context<br /> all affected threads will be asked to return (eventually wait till they have finished processing the queue)<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns:<br /> reference to hash containing the return values from each exited thread (thread id is hash key)<br /><br />addJobsToQueue<br /><br /> push additional jobs onto the queue in the given context<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> reference to array data (jobs) which will be pushed onto the queue (mandatory)<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />finalizeQueue<br /><br /> prevent adding jobs in the given context (irreversible)<br /> affected threads will then known that their task is done and they can safely return as soon as queue is empty<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />reserveLock<br /><br /> request and lock a resource<br /> any attempt to reserve the same lock will block until lock is released<br /> required for synchronisation of threads in the same context<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> name of lock to be reserved (mandatory)<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />releaseLock<br /><br /> release a previously locked resource<br /> any attempt to reserve the same lock will succeed after lock is released<br /> required for synchronisation of threads in the same context<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> name of lock to be released (mandatory)<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />getContextName<br /><br /> returns the name of context where calling thread is currently executed<br /> <br /> arguments: none<br /> <br /> returns:<br /> context name<br /><br />getNoProcessors<br /><br /> returns the number of machine processors as returned by underlying OS<br /> Most of Windows and UNIX-like systems supported<br /> <br /> arguments: none<br /> <br /> returns:<br /> number of processors on machine<br /><br />shareVariable<br /><br /> Make the variable (scalar, array, hash) referenced by the given argument visible to all threads (shared variable)<br /> A depth of up to 10 references is allowed (reference to reference to ... to variable)<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> reference to variable to be shared (mandatory)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />yieldRuntime<br /><br /> ask threads in the given context to yield some runtime to threads in other contexts<br /> how long they will let processor to other threads depend on the underlying OS<br /> <br /> arguments:<br /> name of context (optional, default context is assumed otherwise)<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />pauseCurrentThread<br /><br /> pause the calling thread for the given time length in seconds.<br /><br /> arguments:<br /> time length the thread shall pause<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />println<br /><br /> print the given message by indicating source (Thread ID) and timestamp.<br /><br /> arguments:<br /> message to be printed out<br /> <br /> returns: none<br /><br />abortCurrentThread<br /><br /> abort calling thread and print the given message by indicating source (Thread ID) and timestamp before<br /><br /> arguments:<br /> message to be printed before exit<br /> <br /> returns: none

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Arguments Assumed Context Default Group Mandatory Message Number Optional Queue Reference Return Returns Thread Threads Variable Version
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB
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