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Class::STL::Containers for Linux 0.35

Company: Mario Gaffiero
Date Added: November 29, 2013  |  Visits: 332

Class::STL::Containers for Linux

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Class::STL::Containers is a Perl modulethat provides a framework for rapid Object Oriented Perl application development. It consists of a number of base classes that are similar to the C++/STL framework, plus a number of helper classes which provide the glue to transparently generate common functions, and will enable you to put your Perl application together very quickly.<br /><br />The STL functionality provided consists of containers, algorithms, utilities and iterators as follows:<br /><br />Containers<br /><br /> vector, list, deque, queue, priority_queue, stack, tree.<br /><br />Iterators<br /><br /> iterator, bidirectional_iterator, reverse_iterator, forward_iterator.<br /><br />Algorithms<br /><br /> find, find_if, for_each, transform, count, count_if, copy, copy_backward, remove, remove_if, remove_copy, remove_copy_if, replace, replace_if, replace_copy, replace_copy_if.<br /><br />Utilities<br /><br /> equal_to, not_equal_to, greater, greater_equal, less, less_equal, compare, bind1st, bind2nd, mem_fun, ptr_fun, ptr_fun_binary, matches, matches_ic, logical_and, logical_or, multiplies, divides, plus, minus, modulus.<br /><br />SYNOPSIS<br /><br /> use stl;<br /><br /> # Deque container...<br /> my $d = stl::deque(qw(first second third fourth));<br /> $d->push_back($d->factory('fifth'));<br /> $d->push_front($d->factory('seventh'));<br /> $d->pop_front(); # remove element at front.<br /> $d->pop_back(); # remove element at back.<br /> stl::for_each($d->begin(), $d->end(), ptr_fun('::myprint'));<br /> <br /> sub myprint { print "Data:", @_, "<br />"; }<br /><br /> # Copy constructor...<br /> my $d_copy = stl::deque($d);<br /><br /> # Algorithms -- find_if()<br /> print "Element 'second' was ",<br /> stl::find_if($d->begin(), $d->end(), stl::bind1st(stl::equal_to(), 'second'))<br /> ? 'found' : 'not found', "<br />";<br /><br /> # Algorithms -- count_if()<br /> print "Number of elements matching /o/ = ",<br /> stl::count_if($d->begin(), $d->end(), stl::bind2nd(stl::matches(), 'o')),<br /> "<br />"; # prints '2' -- matches 'second' and 'fourth'<br /><br /> # Algorithms -- transform()<br /> stl::transform($d->begin(), $d->end(), $d2->begin(), stl::ptr_fun('ucfirst'));<br /> stl::transform($d->begin(), $d->end(), $d2->begin(), $d3->begin(), stl::ptr_fun_binary('::mybfun'));<br /> sub mybfun { return $_[0] . '-' . $_[1]; }<br /><br /> # Function Adaptors -- bind1st<br /> stl::remove_if($v->begin(), $v->end(), stl::bind1st(stl::equal_to(), $v->back()));<br /> # remove element equal to back() -- ie remove last element.<br /> stl::remove_if($v->begin(), $v->end(), stl::bind2nd(stl::matches(), '^fi'));<br /> # remove all elements that match reg-ex '^fi'<br /><br /> # Sort list according to elements cmp() function<br /> $v->sort();<br /><br /> # Queue containers -- FIFO<br /> my $v = stl::queue(qw(first second third fourth fifth));<br /> print 'Back:', $v->back()->data(), "<br />" # Back:fifth<br /> print 'Front:', $v->front()->data(), "<br />" # Front:first<br /> $v->pop(); # pop element first in<br /> $v->push($v->factory('sixth')), "<br />"<br /> print 'Back:', $v->back()->data(), "<br />" # Back:sixth<br /> print 'Front:', $v->front()->data(), "<br />" # Front:second<br /><br /> # Iterators<br /> for (my $i = $v->begin(); !$i->at_end(); ++$i)<br /> {<br /> print "Data:", $i->p_element()->data();<br /> }<br /><br /> # Iterators -- reverse_iterator<br /> my $ri = stl::reverse_iterator($v->iter())->first();<br /> while (!$ri->at_end())<br /> {<br /> print "Data:", $ri->p_element()->data();<br /> ++$ri;<br /> }<br /><br /> # Inserters<br /> my $three2one = stl::list(qw(3 2 1));<br /> my $four2six = stl::list(qw(4 5 6));<br /> my $seven2nine = stl::list(qw(7 8 9));<br /> my $result = stl::list();<br /> stl::copy($three2one->begin(), $three2one->end(), stl::front_inserter($result));<br /> stl::copy($seven2nine->begin(), $seven2nine->end(), stl::back_inserter($result));<br /> my $iseven = stl::find($result->begin(), $result->end(), 7);<br /> stl::copy($four2six->begin(), $four2six->end(), stl::inserter($result, $iseven));<br /> # $result now contains (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9);<br /><br /> # Vector container...<br /> my $v = stl::vector(qw(first second third fourth fifth));<br /> <br /> my $e = $v->at(0); # return pointer to first element.<br /> print 'Element-0:', $e->data(), "<br />"; # Element-0:first<br /> $e = $v->at($v->size()-1); # return pointer to last element.<br /> print 'Element-last:', $e->data(), "<br />"; # Element-last:fifth<br /> $e = $v->at(2); # return pointer to 3rd element (idx=2).<br /> print 'Element-2:', $e->data(), "<br />"; # Element-2:third<br /><br /> # Priority Queue<br /> my $p = stl::priority_queue();<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 10, data => 'ten'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 2, data => 'two'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 12, data => 'twelve'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 3, data => 'three'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 11, data => 'eleven'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 1, data => 'one'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 1, data => 'one-2'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 12, data => 'twelve-2'));<br /> $p->push($p->factory(priority => 20, data => 'twenty'), $p->factory(priority => 0, data => 'zero'));<br /> print "$p->size()=", $p->size(), "<br />";<br /> print "$p->top():", $p->top(), "<br />";<br /> $p->top()->priority(7); # change priority for top element.<br /> $p->refresh(); # refresh required after priority change.<br /> $p->pop(); # remove element with highest priority.<br /> print "$p->top():", $p->top(), "<br />";<br /><br /> # Clone $d container into $d1...<br /> my $d1 = $d->clone();<br /><br /> my $d2 = stl::deque(qw(sixth seventh eight));<br /><br /> # Append $d container to end of $d2 container...<br /> $d2 += $d;<br /><br /> # DataMembers -- Class builder helper...<br /> {<br /> package MyClass;<br /> use Class::STL::ClassMembers (<br /> qw(attrib1 attrib2), # data members<br /> Class::STL::ClassMembers::DataMember->new(<br /> name => 'attrib3', default => '100', validate => '^d+$'), # data member with attributes<br /> Class::STL::ClassMembers::DataMember->new(<br /> name => 'attrib4', default => 'med', validate => '^(high|med|low)$'),<br /> );<br /> use Class::STL::ClassMembers::Constructor; # produce class new() function<br /> }<br /> my $cl = MyClass->new(attrib1 => 'hello', attrib2 => 'world');<br /> print $cl->attrib1(), " ", $cl->attrib2(), "<br />"; # 'hello world'<br /> $cl->attrib1(ucfirst($cl->attrib1));<br /> $cl->attrib2(ucfirst($cl->attrib2));<br /> print $cl->attrib1(), " ", $cl->attrib2(), "<br />"; # 'Hello World'<br /> $cl->attrib4('avg'); # Causes progam to die with '** Function attrib2 value failed validation...'

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: 09second09 Algorithms Attrib Class Class Stl Container Containers Dgtend Egtdata Element Elements Fourth Iseven Linux Pgtpushpgtfactorypriority Pointer Print Priority Quotdataquot Quotquot Remove Return Stl Stl Containers
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