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Silva CMS 2.2

Company: Martijn Faassen
Date Added: November 29, 2013  |  Visits: 367

Silva CMS

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Silva is a powerful CMS for organizations that manage multiple or complex websites. Content is stored in clean and futureproof XML, independent of layout and presentation. Features include versioning, workflow system, integral visual editor, content reuse, sophisticated access control, multi-site management, extensive import/export facilities, fine-grained templating, and hi-res image storage and manipulation. Silva has an open source (BSD) license.<br /><br />Many large organizations and universities use Silva; see our references page for a list.<br /><br /> * Silva Factsheet (PDF, 31k)<br /> * Silva Feature List<br /> * Silva Extensions<br /><br />Silva supports a separation between authors who create new content and editors who decide whether content actually gets published. It also allows delegation of editing the responsibilities for a section of a site to others. This avoids a single-person bottleneck without the loss of editorial control.<br /><br />To assist in the publication process, Silva implements workflow where multiple versions of the same document are stored. A document may be published while a newer version can be edited simultaneously. Silva???*a*?s workflow supports email notification to streamline the production process.<br /><br />Behind the scenes, Silva stores content in XML. This leads to several important advantages:<br /><br /> * The same content can be used in different media, such as the web, paper, or word processor content. Web publication of content is native to Silva, but Silva also has export filters to PDF and MS Word, and more can be built when the demand arises.<br /> * The content is future proofed and not out of date as soon as you want to use a new system or present it in a different way.<br /> * The structuring of the content facilitates more sophisticated searching and indexing.<br /><br />Silva is extensible with new document types and other types of content objects.<br />CMS Category. Over 16,000 nominations were received with the top five open source CMS???*a*?s in each category going forward to the final.<br />Documentation<br /><br /> * Silva Documentation (for Authors, Editors, and Managers)<br /> * There is a Silva Auxiliary Documentation section on this site, containing additional documents that are not included in the Silva product delivery.<br /> * There is also an archive of outdated documentation.<br /> * Topical Developer Documentation docs are located here, while the technical docs are on<br /> * We also work on Blueprints here (sometimes these are in progress and not final).<br /><br />Download<br /><br />See the Silva download area.<br />Resources<br /><br /> * Silva issue tracker:<br /> * Silva-general mailing list:<br /> * Silva-dev development list:<br /> * Silva svn repository:<br /> * Silva channel on IRC:, #silva<br /> * Pastebin:<br /><br />Parts of Silva hosting generously provided by Launchpad.<br /><br />New Features<br /><br /> * External Sources are now previewable in kupu. When an external source with preview enabled is added to a document, the rendered extneral source is shown in kupu. When that external source is active, or when hovering over it with the mouse, the external source will have a different background color, a border, and a 'lock' icon. This shows the extent of the external source within the document and also provides a hint that it is not editable.<br /> * The reference lookup window formulator widget now supports multiple entries with javascript to add / remove entries. NOTE: the default is to retain the old behavior (supporting one reference, for either type of lookup field). If an exsiting lookup window field is changed to support more the onclick widget property needs to change. Copy the default value from a new lookupwindowfield.<br /> * DateTime widgets in the SMI now have a 'calendar' button which opens a popup calendar -- an easier way to supply datetimes.<br /> * fixed formulator lookupwindow widget to support functioning in multi-reference mode in a metadata set.<br /><br />Bugs Fixed<br /><br /> * uncommon (but valid) characters were not supported in the LHS (mailbox) side of email addresses in mailto: links in Silva objects using silvaxml content storage. An example of an email address that did not work: firstname.o' . The link regexp was expanded to allow the full range of characters in the mailbox as specified in RFC 2822#3.4.1.<br /> * In kupu, when an active external source (i.e. the external source tool is showing that ES's parameters), clicking on the same ES no longer causes the tool to reload (no more flicker)<br /> * Errors when attempting to upload interlaced PNGs are now caught and displayed to the user.<br /> * launchpad #400019: Silva Link: allow editing of relative / absolute property, or get rid of it altogether. Silva 2.1 allowed editing of this property. Silva 2.2 has removed the link type. Now there is only one type of link, and it is the authors responsibility to ensure it is a valid relative or absolute link.<br /> * For a possible security issue the "served by host foo" comment was removed from<br /> * The user clipboard 'remove user' button now returns to the correct add user form. (search or direct user lookup)<br /> * tab_preview frameset now requires that the user be logged in. Previously, if using form-based auth, one might see an authentication screen in both frames.<br /> * update last author when documents are saved.<br /> * IContent objects (well, those extending Products.Silva.Content.Content) are now cataloged.<br /> * enable changing the html form enctype of edit views using one of the macro_edit macros<br /> * #261571: AutoTOCs have a new property "show container link". When set to 'yes' the public view will include an <h3> above the table of contents with the title of the container of the AutoTOC linking to the container. This is useful if the AutoTOC is a sitemap.<br /><br />Ported from Silva 2.1<br /><br /> * unpublished Versions of VersionedContent objects were not unindexed from the catalog when the Version was removed (e.g. via the status tab). A subscriber was added for the IObjectWillBeRemoved event<br /> * fixed helpers.SwitchClass (used by the folder <--> publication conversion) so that the ObjectManager api's are used to set the new object, keeping the metadata structures up to date<br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Cms Container Content Document Documentation Editing Email External Lookup Multiple Objects Property Publication Removed Silva Silva Cms Source Supports Widget Workflow
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