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Animal Shelter Manager for Linux 2.8.11

Company: R Rawson-Tetley
Date Added: August 25, 2013  |  Visits: 349

Animal Shelter Manager for Linux

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Animal Shelter Manager is a feature-packed, open source computer package. It is designed to manage all aspects of an animal shelter, including intake, adoptions, internet publishing, medical treatments, diary, reporting, accounts, etc.<br /><br />The system is very flexible and can be configured to match the workflow of any shelter. It can be installed locally on your computer, or on a webserver for shared use by many people.<br /><br />ASM can generate adoptable animal galleries and automatically publish your animals to,, and many more (including Facebook) through<br /><br />Animal Shelter Manager runs on all major computer platforms (Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Unix), utilises other open source components and does not require a modern computer to run.<br /><br />Features<br />Animals<br /> * Track animals through the shelter and outside world with ease throughout their lifetime<br /> * Manage and remind for vaccinations, surgery and medical treatments<br /> * Manage animal diets<br /> * Track and calculate costs incurred while the animal is on your shelter<br /> * Move, induct, adopt, transfer and foster animals with donation tracking<br /> * Keep track of animals not part of your shelter for independent clinics<br /> * Manage agreements with insurers for automatic number ranges and generation of insurance paperwork automatically<br /> * Advanced media facilities allow attachment of full multimedia and documentation to animals<br /> * Generate paperwork automatically - interfaces to a wide range of word processors, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, AbiWord, OpenOffice, StarOffice and any wordprocessor supporting XML, HTML and Rich Text.<br /> * Waiting list facilities including urgency updating/tracking<br /> * Flexible logging allows extension to store any type of data (bite reports, etc.)<br /> * Custom field support to allow addition of your own data to animals and owners<br /><br />Diary<br /> * Full management diary system<br /> * Create ranges of diary tasks for common functions and execute them against animals<br /> * Output individual diary reports for everyone<br /> * Diary integrates into all record types<br /> * Vet management diaries<br /> * Complete medical diary system, including scheduling, multiple treatments, etc.<br /><br />Accounting<br /> * Double entry book keeping system<br /> * Donations are automatically cross referenced to save entry time<br /> * Track expenses, assets, bank accounts, loans, etc<br /> * Balance sheet and profit and loss reports<br /><br />Owners<br /> * Track owners and suitability for ownership<br /> * Full entity management, track other shelters, pet stores, etc.<br /> * Warning messages for unsuitable owners<br /> * Store owners desired criteria and automatically be notified when suitable animals arrive<br /> * Track volunteers<br /> * UK gift aid and donation tracking<br /> * Store criteria for suitable animals for owners and auto generate suitability reports<br /> * Track animal movement histories to owners<br /> * Owner media<br /> * Bulk mailshotting of owners through printed documents or email<br /> * Full donation management, including regular commitments<br /> * Flexible logging allows extension to store any type of data (complaints, etc.)<br /><br />Internet<br /> * Generate and upload full-featured, fully customisable websites publishing animals for adoptions with search engine<br /> * Fully compatible with free hosted webspace - no expensive servers required<br /> * Publish straight to,, and for US users - complete with all data mappings<br /> * Import animal data into ASM from extracts<br /> * Non-interactive publishing through a command line interface allows scheduled jobs to automatically handle publishing<br /> * ASM Online - a version of ASM to run on your web server, easing administration and allowing remote users to get started with no installation.<br /><br />Mail Merge<br /> * Create filtered data sources for mailshots, eg. Locating animals off shelter who require vaccinations<br /> * Create bulk data sources, filter and email automatically<br /> * Generate printed letters for mailshots, convert to HTML/RTF and send via email or generate individual document files<br /><br />Lost and Found<br /> * Track and store lost and found animals<br /> * Find potential lost and found matches with an intelligent matching engine<br /> * Include shelter animal database as potential found matches<br /> * Lost and found media<br /> * Publish lost and found to the internet<br /><br />Reports<br /> * Full ranges of management reports<br /> * Shelter Inventories<br /> * Movement analysis<br /> * Long Term Animals<br /> * Animal auditing<br /> * Automatic RSPCA Head Office figures generation for UK RSPCA shelters<br /> * Flexible report generation - all reports are handled as HTML to integrate with the web browser of your choice, and to allow editing with many popular office products and direct emailling.<br /> * All reports are fully customisable, using templates and style sheets.<br /> * Custom report creation tool allows you to generate your own reports<br /> * Generate high quality, full colour graphs of management information, financials and adoption figures<br /><br />Security<br /> * Create many users and control exactly what each can do<br /> * Audit user actions to find out who did what<br /> * Highly configurable - most areas of the system can be customised, including warning behaviour, report visuals - even database locking.<br /> * Integrate with your site's LDAP server, Operating System security and even webserver security for ASM Online.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux
Keyword: Tool Track Animal Movement Track Animals Track Calculate Track Expenses Assets Track Owners Track Shelters Track Store Tracking Store Criteria Tracking Track Transfer Foster Treatments Diary Reporti
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 6.67 MB
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